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Joey's Little Monster

Trip to imagination
by William May  US United States

August 5, 2018   |    761 reads    |   0 comments

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Joey's Little Monster: Trip to imagination - Book coverJoey’s Little Monster is about Joey’s journey to a land of dreams, where imagination lets him build his own world and his own rules. Joey goes to this magical world with a little monster Dewdrop whom he found under his bed  at night. Together they go on an adventures trip where they encounter with lots of interesting things and creative ideas. The key point of the book is the existence of kindness and friendly atmosphere. The book portrays the difficulties that Joey will encounter and shows the ways to manage them. As a result Joey meets some new friends and discovers the new and colorful world.

An illustrated bedtime story for children.
This is a book intended for an audience of children from ages 4-8.
The book is filled with wonderful illustrations that portray Joey’s adventures,in a new world where he gets used to some new friends and  places. The book illustrates the adventoures trip that every kid will enjoy.

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