Life & Everything After

Life & Everything After - Book cover.

23 September, 2017

In "Life & Everything After," Doc Wallace delivers a fascinating insight into daily life with fun and sometimes frightening trips into the beyond. Aside from beautifully penned poems of LIFE and LOVE, you'll find a unique blend of science, fantasy, and the afterlife.

Frequently referred to as a modern-day Edgar Allen Poe, in his SCARY poems, Doc delves into the macabre in ways unimaginable. Turn down the lights and treat yourself to one of his legendary "scaries."

In his poems about Space, some of Doc's most compelling works, he takes you to the outer reaches so hard, you'll feel you're on an asteroid miner with a cruiser breakdown, or flying a Racer over Mars, or soaring the Universe as an immortal traveler.

In this eclectic anthology of verse you'll find humor, poignancy, futurism, and wisdom worth quoting. "Life & Everything After" packs a punch you're not expecting, indeed a memorable work.

Author's Notes

This eighth book of poetry by Doc Wallace is published by Floating Comma Publishing, Northampton, UK. The first seven are found on Amazon Kindle Books. Doc has the reputation for being a prolific new poet, approaching 1000 published poems; he has written more than 11,000 poems in the past three years, and shares many with his Twitter and Facebook subscribers. Besides a poet, Doc Wallace is a local broadcaster and personality for TV and radio. He teaches college locally and is Editor of the WV State newsletter for Vandalia MENSA, "The Mensanear."

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Genre: Fiction > Poetry


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