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Living There

by Emil  US United States

April 25, 2015   |    2,767 reads    |   0 comments

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Living There (book) by EmilTo live the feeling of alienation, frustration, helplessness, grief, love, sadness or loss.
To live a moment as your true self, as your enemy or as any one else.
To live in a place you fit in, decent for you or a place that you don't belong to.
To taste a moment in heaven and a moment in hell, to try life and death, to taste a different type of life.
Published in 2015, this collection of short stories, thoughts and moods takes the reader to try, experience and live a different life, different circumstances and have different perspectives about life, sorrows, dreams and goals.


Author's Note: 

Written over a period of fifteen years, Living There is a collection of different thoughts, short stories and experiences about life. It reflects the author’s thoughts and perspectives about life that got changed during these years.
The book touches on our fears. Life presents us to a variety of situations and circumstances, and this book reflects on some of them. You will find most of the aspects of our life, you will be introduced to solitude some people live in, you will read about dreams and killed dreams, love, death, poverty, unequal opportunities and you will be also introduced to yourself.
Since it is a collection of pieces of short stories and thoughts, it will be a great read if you are traveling in a train or an airplane. The short stories are not lengthy which gives the reader the ability to manage his/her time by reading as much pieces as the time may permits without breaking the flow of ideas. Although some pieces are interrelated, but reading it on and off will not break the ideas. This book reflects on dark sides about life and it is a good company to a cup of dark coffee. As you read along, you will not know which is darker, the coffee you are sipping or the pages you are reading through.

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