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Miracles of the Mind

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Mindfulness Maze: Miracles of the Mind - Book cover‘Mindfulness maze: miracles of the mind’, where science and spirituality meet, can help you with just about every relationship in your life, from work, to your soulmate and especially your relationship with yourself. A methodology is presented that research shows has stopped relapse for those who suffer from depression. Are lucid dreams real, or is lucidity itself the real dream? Could science have finally found the human soul, as part of the mirror cell network?

Mindfulness offers hope for people who experience physical and psychological pain, brain injury and stress, along with those with spinal cord injury, compulsive daydreaming, and more. Groundbreaking research is presented, and a link is proposed between mindfulness meditation and the spontaneous remission of one form of cancer, and how this may possibly link to psychoses, diabetes and dementia. This naturally raises the question of future research, such as the possibility of remission for other forms of cancer. Furthermore, new theoretical conceptualisations are presented, including how energy vibration may possibly promote an intuitive human mind. On top of all of this, mindfulness meditation can calm the mind, and it can feel great. So, enjoy!

Author's Notes

What inspired me to write this book? I discovered something surprising while studying psychology and chemistry at a university. After years of looking into it and researching what I discovered, I wrote a book about mindfulness containing 515 research references. This did not include the other thousand or so research papers I read on the topic. I found it so fascinating that here I am, describing what inspired me to write this book. What also inspired me was the possibility of helping people in larger numbers as compared to helping on an individual level.

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David Pollak is a seasoned Psychologist with extensive experience in mental health, and ageing and disability services. He has provided staff counselling, and taught counselling to students. David lives in Australia, enjoys drumming and poetry, while offering a unique skillset. David uses ethical practices as a Psychologist, and developed a keen interest in meditation years before studying...

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