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The Odd Hour Effort, Book 2

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Posted April 6, 2022  |  365 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Odd Hour Effort, Book 2 by Abhik Gulati. Book coverA small collection of stories, accompanying a lonely traveler, on a long night as he rides to meet his beloved one, but it seems like he has lost all hope. As he tries to listen to some tunes during his uncanny journey, he finds an old, unlabeled cassette tape in his beloved's collection.

Depicted in transcript style, find out where the roads take our visitor this time. His company is a cassette player and the moon shining above him.

If you happen to be traveling along the same way, you might witness a black sedan in front of you, don't forget to wave him goodbye, letting him know he's not alone on that road.

Author's Note: 

The Odd Hour Effort is an ongoing collection of short stories, some of which I wrote during my time at the university.

Following the first book, I have decided to maintain the same transcript format for this title too. Even though it's a short read, I hope this work could spark the interest of someone reading it and that in turn would bring me joy. 

Looking for a short psychological read, this is it.

Also, I would continue this collection and start to explore more of the psychological/mystery genre. 

Once again, thank you for your support and your feedback will be appreciated. 


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Just your average writer and artist wandering around the block. Interested mostly in mystery and horror genre. Have something to talk about? Feel free to drop a message.

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