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Ratchet Street

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February 11, 2022  |  721 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Ratchet Street by Abhik Gulati. Book coverMoving to a new place is both exciting and challenging, but only if it’s not Ratchet Street, a place where people live ordinary lives, and nothing excites them anymore. The time kept turning, but nothing was changing!

While trying to bring a change in their own life, a father-son duo decides to move to an apartment building situated there, leading to a good and standard life just like any other tenant living at that place.

Comes along a silent night. The dark clouds covering the night sky and changing the lives of the residents in a way they didn’t ask for! A sudden disappearance of a teenage girl, causing ruckus in the sweet ignorant lives of the tenants in the apartment building and a trail leading to uncover the truth buried in the cold past.

There are questions, but who is telling the truth? Does someone have more than one secret to tell?

Unusual encounters, a forgotten memory, a troubled past, a broken relation, some purposeless arguments, a life of loneliness followed by exchange of wits and a cold wind.

A street full of secrets and wise, wouldn't you like to visit there once?

Author's Notes

When I started writing Ratchet Street, the plot in my mind was going in a different direction, but when the thoughts converted into words and expressions, the atmosphere changed, and I felt comfortable with the revised plot. The initial plot, I’ll be working on it as an individual short story. That’s how it goes sometimes.

I do believe that a reader is as much a part of the whole book and its story as the characters mentioned in it. Connecting to the story through their own personal experiences, and answering the questions arising in their mind in their own paradigm, or better, getting a hold of a new idea.

And as I’ve mentioned in the past, I can’t forget to acknowledge the music. It takes me a little bit closer to my writing, helps me craft new styles and thoughts.

In all it was a fun project for me, and that's the idea that keeps pushing me to 'draw' my imaginative thoughts into words.

Hope you enjoyed this one and thank you for the support. Look forward to something new.

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