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Road of Happiness

Book by Jill Seely

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August 30, 2012  |  9,635 views  |  8 reviews / comments

Road of Happiness (Book Cover)Everyone desires happiness throughout life. This insightful book offers real life examples, insights, and easy to follow strategies that can help anyone in leading a happier life.

Covering various topics such as relationships, pleasure, feelings, behavior, choices, positive thinking, and gratitude (and so much more), this book is a great investment for any reader.


About Jill Seely

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Jill Seely holds a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling Degree and has worked with individuals, couples, and families. Read more about her at


Road of Happiness is a book I will keep close to hand and refer often for inspiration, guidance, and self-improvement. It represents the perfect balance of personal experience, spirituality, and both thought and action based direction. The length and content is perfect for all audiences, as it can easily be read by those with demanding schedules and re-read multiple times by anyone seeking new, deeper meaning. Simple and realistic examples are utilized throughout the book to ensure the readers understanding of topics and strategies discussed. After completing Road of Happiness, I truly felt motivated to act on the feelings and thoughts I experienced throughout the book and strive to improve joy and happiness in my everyday life along with improving my relationships not only with others, but with myself. Thank you Jill for the time and energy spent in sharing your knowledge and experience with a world that could be filled with a little more happiness!

After reading Road of Happiness thoroughly, it has definitely helped me sort out some things in my life. The most valuable benefit of this book, in my opinion, is how it can begin helping immediately. For example, in the Relationships chapter (awesome) the author gives a sentence template which helps me be assertive yet respectful. She explains the "why" and the "how" of this communication tool (sometimes to solve a problem) and I think it's a real constructive approach. Such communication is needed for healthy relationships, which are some of the keys to our happiness, now and in the future. This is just one example of a method from this book that i can often put to use. Thank you!

I have found my new favorite book! Jill has a simple yet profound perspective on Happiness. I loved how easily you could relate to the “Road to Happiness”. You could put yourself in those same situations because they are so real and comprehendible. Her perspective on happiness and Joy was motivating and sincere. This book touches on so many important feelings from happiness, gratitude, love, sorrow, fear. The importance of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. After reading the “Road to Happiness” I was more encouraged to Find Joy in my Life’s Journey! Like Jill relates in the book, the “Road to Happiness” is a wonderful GPS for life’s challenges. What an uplifting practical guide for working through lives many challenges.

This book was a good read. One I will read more than once and I would recommend it to everyone I know.

The author uses a good mix of psych, experience, spiritual, and common sense to approach the topic of happiness and how we get it and keep it. It was helpful in several ways. Think I will give it to my depressed family members.

A refreshingly practical read that brings understanding and hope to everyday living through real life situations. Great insights to a richer life. After reading it twice, I am buying many copies for gifts to friends and loved ones.

Finally- a self help book that is in easy terms with simple exercises. I throughly enjoyed each chapter and really liked the down to earth personal examples used. Many thanks!

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