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Surviving Mental Illness, My Story

by Linda Naomi Baron Katz  US United States

May 29, 2015   |    1,642 reads    |   0 comments

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Book image did not loadWritten from the perspective of someone whose life has been challenged by mental illness, this book offers help, hope and inspiration to others struggling with psychological disorders. It provides information about mental illness in general-and mood disorders in particular - valuable tips about treatment and medication, and resources and organizations dedicated to helping those suffering from these disorders.

Surviving Mental Illness helps break through the fear and stigma of mental illness and focuses on how to find health and happiness. In this book, I share my personal journey: the heartbreak and challenges that I had faced in growing up with bipolar disorder and the joy of making my way back to mental health. As a result of my own recovery I show that help is out there, and with a little faith, recovery is possible.

About the Author

Linda Naomi Katz born in 1969, by the name of Linda Naomi Baron, raised as a modern orthodox Jew, where mental illness became a factor throughout her life. It had started with her mother when she was in the fifth grade. Her mother had suffered a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with acute depression. This gave Linda and her family a huge amount of stress. As she was growing up into... View Linda Naomi Baron Katz Profile

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