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The Martin House

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The Martin House by Trina M. Ward. Book cover. Haunted House in Panama City, FloridaThere have been many questions regarding this not-so-small house located along the Gulf Coast. I have brought it to paper. No one tells what happened so many years ago. It is as if they are hiding the truth for whatever reason. The Martin House is riveting and captivating. It is conceivable that the characters were on a mission to get to the bottom of all the secrets and lack of information that was shared. I spoke to many people that had first-hand encounters with the house and the entities that protected it. The mist that came from the bay was described as being a type of camouflage for the ghostly beings that lingered to resolve whatever unfinished business that they left behind with the living.
When information is secretly being withheld from the public, it forces the imagination to take over. After researching what little records I could my imagination took control. I hope it is all that has been longed for.
An answer was needed and so therefore I delivered it…

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Trina M. Ward is a small town writer who has found her passion in writing. Being a huge movie goer and thrill seeker, she tries to bring the excitement and fear of myths and legends to paper. Her earlier works 'The Martin House' and 'Sandy Creek' have been compared to the legend Dean R. Koontz. Trina is regarded as being someone who does the best at whatever she working on. Many people...

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I just have to say that my husband and I went for a second time there just a couple of nights ago, and we got some amazing video! I mean amazing enough for everyone that's seen it to say "Whoaaaa.......ahhh man ; That's Freaky! But to me it looks like the whole family is still there and living like nothing ever happened. Father is there watching that no one comes near, and he moves very quickly. We heard a baby crying, a dog barking, and it looks like the Grim Reaper is standing watching over too. Now after this night I've watched them over and over. We did not get best video but that's because we didn't really expect to see anyone, let alone what we did! One my eldest sons says one of the videos looks fake, but it is not! I did it on my cell phone camera. It hadn't been a plan to go there, we just decided to go look since it is like 2 blocks from where we played that night. I have only learned of the Martin House recently, it is the only place that ever scared me. Scares me as I Swype this note. I'd love to share my video if I can.

I have never heard of this till now but sometimes you can’t believe everything you hear but on another note if the house was not hunted then why not sell it or rent it?? Maybe they are hiding something this Murder happened many years ago no one really knows what happened and no one really knows if the house is really hunted unless you spend the night there or seen it yourself some people can say yes is hunted just to say it some will say is not but know one really knows unless you have experienced it yourself I myself would not go there or anything like that the house from photos looks beautiful but it also looks spooky and if the house was free I would not even get it I think something bad did happen there but no one is going to say what really happened

Look i dont care what people say or not i grew uo next to the place my grandmother oened the old post office directly across the street from the mill ok and my grandfather turned it unto a house i eas born in 1970 been here all my life ok my mom was raided there as we all were. The house us haunted for sure no doubt as to the story people dont or didnt day alot about it so who knows the real truth all i remember is my grandmother saying evil lived there. And as far as the uostairs yes it is blocked off so noone can go up there. I guess that was Rock Tenns pathetic way of maybe keeping it locked away or anyone trying to go back in but im here to tell u the story u do here usnt the only horrors there it was used by my generation of kids for satanic activities and alot if bad things happen there trust me. Ive grown up here all my life between the house of grannys and our house on lake drive by parker school we swam in msrtin lake walked all that property from one side to the other and stuff even happens offf that property. My grandmother has woke up to noise of so eone beating on her back door hearing a eoman screaming. And my grandmother said she was being drug by her hair thru the yard but by time she got the gun n went back they were gone.. So say what u want believe or dont believe theirare many other places here not just the martin house that are haunted . it is what it is

I was born in Panama City. In the early 80’ s I went to a party there. Wether it is haunted or not. The fact is I have never heard of any mysterious action or a truthful story of any horror that ever took place in that house. My family moved here on the early 60’s. No story as to its history has ever crossed my ears.

The "writer" uses unpunctuacted run-on sentences, defending a fairytale. The fictitious murder story has been passed down for a countless number of years. I have no doubt it started with one child trying to scare others. It's simply an old house. There are no facts to support the ghost story. Just because someone bases their opinion upon actual fact-checking, doesn't mean they don't believe in paranormal activity. I hope you had a ghostwriter (pun intended), because I could barely make out the points you were trying to make across here. I can't imagine trying to read an entire book of fictional "nonfiction", crapped out by someone who can't even write a legible paragraph. Thank you for this entertainment. I have no doubt that hillbillies do believe that unfounded, disappearing websites equate to truth. My son and I dropped our jaws trying to read this madness. I wouldn't drop a dime to see a book full illegible drivel.

Sorry but I had to say this that area is haunting my daughter and I broke down at 10 at night in front of house and a sorry I felt chills and bad vibes also my daughter wanting a picture of since so she hot u p close someone was in bushes and I seen shadows by fence

Bravo... Finally someone else stands up against to the people who don't see what the spirits don't want them to see because they are pessimists. I too am a sensitive in certain ways and also the author of the book. There is something that lingers there. I don't think it wants to leave that house or property... Thank you for your comments and sharing your experiences.

I've seen apparitions running across the yard... I seen an old style car show up in a pic that was never there... And wasn't the only person to see it... I am what they call a sensitive... I seen a child waving at me...also not the only one to see it... Say what you want that place is haunted... Something happened there someone don't want people to know... That place is full of death and fear... I've been going there to stand outside the fence for over 20 years and have even taken my nephews with me to see too... Stay in the dark if you want but that place is haunted... IM not afraid to use my true name... IM not ashamed....

That wasn't mythbuster, that was me. The house was built by John C Gray. He built many houses in the area. The Martin family referenced in the video died elsewhere of natural causes. I believe there may be some information about the house at the Bay County Library. I will, however, agree with the Channel 13 news story that nothing is going on there. Have been there recently and saw nothing because nothing is there but an occasional rat or cockroach.

I was reading the comments on the site and found it interesting that Mythbuster said that there was no Martin family that lived there. I found this interesting news clip that investigated the rumors of the Martin house. They got permission to go in with a paranormal investigation team and found no real evidence of a haunting. However, they did interview a man from a county office and he clearly says that there was a family called Martin that lived there.

My friend and I went there with our neighbor,sneaked in I love old houses the neighbor and I were sitting on the front porch heard a loud GET OUT scream my friend came running, from back of the house we heard a baby crying I thought we were in trouble for being there, didn't know about the history until I got there,believe what you want but NO ONE was around all three of us heard it

I have been in the house countless times and it is NOT haunted. I was there over the weekend and even went upstairs (the mill is in the process of renovating the upstairs). There was NEVER a family named Martin that lived in the house and no one was ever killed there. It was built around 1905 and was the home of the original mill manager (the saw mill, not the paper mill). International Paper acquired the property around 1930-31. The house has been used for mill functions and retirement parties ever since. I work at the mill and have access to the house and the only scary thing I have experienced there is trying to stay awake during a boring meeting. I have also been in the house alone when I gave my daughters a tour and they were not the least bit scared. I would not advise going there on Halloween night or the only thing that will scare you is a Bay County Deputy (and the one who was there last weekend was a K-9 unit). The guards employeed by the mill think the ghost stories are hilarious because they check the house several times a night and have never seen anything other than kids creeping around that they have to run off.

I currently work for the mill and have always heard the stories of the martin house being haunted. We have functions there every so often and I plan on attending next chance I get. It will be very interesting to finally see what the place looks like on the inside!

Im 47 when I was 7 My mothers job had rented the Martin house for a event for there workers so she took my aunt which is a year older than I was the house was under repairs we was running inside of the house and we both started up stairs at the same time we stoped in our tracks something seemed evil so we turned around and ran back down stair I felt it and so did she.We knew notthing of the story of the house but we felt it was haunted that was in 1975 r 76 and always wonder what happen there I thought the man had killed his famliy with a axe before ever hearing anything about it

I'm lend to the Martin and I know this is true I live here in Florida and my grandmother was her sister and I can't water wate to the house my grate great ant lived in again may god rest halls yalls souls

The comment above about the lights flickering and the curtains being pulled back is very very true.


Yes, this is the story Ive heard myself, other than a few things are different. In 1989 we went to the Martian house after prom, while sitting in truck with friends we all witnessed a light in the upstairs that kept flickering on and off the curtains being pulled to the side and you could see someone there but whether it was male female or child we couldn't tell.we saw shadows swaying from the big oak in the back of the house and the side door open.we went back many times once even saw a figure laying something by the front door steps we assumed it was old man Martian burying the baby under the porch that was the story back in the day,i had heard he had killed his family but never knew why and he had actually hung himself in the back.but yes things do happen in that house I've seen with my own eyes it was spooky but very interesting and would love to investigate it.I want to say that Mr Martian was a doctor.I confirm this home is very haunted...

I believe something to that effect did happen... from my interviews that seems to be the consensus. Read all the comments and it looks like the spirits or ghosts are pissed about something..

Ok, here is what happen around June 1988, I was with 2 friends that were driving around trying to find something to do. It was a hot summer, when one of us had the idea to go to the Martin House to see what the real deal was. Well we jumped the fence, ran as fast as we could to the house. When we reached the house all the doors were locked. But, as we walked around the house, thinking everything was OK!!!!!, OMG we saw someone coming form the house at us chasing us towards the lake. Now I'm not saying it was a real person, I'm saying we ran down towards the lake and then as we looked back it was gone. Now, I know what you are thinking, we were on drugs or drunk, well it was the 80's and yes we were drinking, but when 3 people see the same thing at the same time, well you do your owe assumption. I'm only giving you the account of what I saw at the time. Now on that same note, do you know how the Martin Lake was formed? Look into that, because I have read somewhere that the lake was dug by the hands of slaves, I do not have proof of this!! At one time my mother worked for a company that owed the property before the Paper Mill owed it. In some of the old documents that were hand written and not typed, there were several notations of slaves digging a large portion of the lake. I can not verify this, but if you ask me YES the place is HAUNTED!!!!! I've seen it for myself!!

There are ghosts and horrors in the Martin House, that's the whole reason the paper mill bought it, so no one else can buy it. If it wasn't haunted then they would've rented it out a long, long time ago. The Martin House is one of the scariest haunted houses known to man. The son/ big brother, was mad at his family for something and dug holes in the walls to bury them , and he killed his parents and little brother and sister. and stuck them in the wall.



uhh....Larry Gordon... There is no "living room" in the Martin House. Just a Kitchen, two bathrooms, a few storage closets and one huge conference or ball room. Has been that way for over 30 years. You sure you were in the Martin House? And, ghosts drive cars now too?

15 or so years ago, I was involved in a fund raising event at the Martin House on a Saturday - Halloween Day! I did see two ghosts drive up in and old black car that afternoon as I was decorating the living room for the party that night. There really are at least two ghosts associated with that property. I saw them for myself in the middle of the afternoon.

ummmmmmmmmm is this stuff even real or fake!!!!!! casue wouldnt it be on the news..................................................................................................

First, let me start by saying if you do not believe in the supernatural they will not be open to you or showing themselves to someone who is going to dismiss their existence. These spirits aren't ghosts. I know. I took photos for research and when I left something came with me. A shadow person perhaps. It was in my apartment as I was writing this book. My cat, my dog and myself all saw this shape of a large person pass across all of my walls and into the spare room. I tried to debunk it. I TRIED! there was absolutely no logical or rational explanation. I came home from work several times to all of my cabinets open and lights on. Now, I know what everyone is thinking. It was not my exaggeration. I called the police after arriving to all of my doors were left open. I dead bolted them, still I pressed on. I know what the spirits were doing but you see I wasn't writing it for me. I was doing it for my dying mother. I promised I would tell her story and get my book published. Unfortunately it was not until after she died that I was successful with my promise. You went in the house, GREAT. You experienced nothing, understandable. But will we ever believe that house is normal? NO I will never and I am positive there are thousands of others who would agree with me. Perhaps when you are more open with the possibility of the paranormal presence being a possibility, they will show themselves to you as well. Until then, you will not see, hear or speak with any of the spirits that I think and believe are present at the house with no address. built in 1910 as the sign says but there are records showing that too is a lie. I have my story. I shared it and I hope everyone enjoys the way I put all the interviews together. Some things will never be public. Not even the truth about why they still rent it for weddings etc. But deny me when I told them money wasn't an option.

My Apologies to the writer Trina Ward, as my original comments about the house had nothing to do with her writing ability or calling into question her honesty. I truly wish her success in her work. Many people do think the house is haunted, probably many she interviewed believe so. The intent of my response was simply to shed truth to the reality of what I know of the place, which is to say, my knowledge is extensive. I have been in the house countless times at all hours day and night, from the grounds to the first floor, the second floor and the attic and can simply tell you that there is nothing "unnatural" about the place. It is merely an old house, used for meetings and parties. The upstairs is indeed locked, simply because it has not been remodeled as the lower floor has been. A funny fact is that a CPR Dummy has been propped up on a chair in front of a window on the second floor. Twisted humor I suppose. At any rate, you cannot rent the house I believe without a rather substantial insurance policy, thus the Mill will not incur the expense of damage or injury of any particular function. However the Mill does use it, such as for parties, like the Family Day it hosted last month for its employees. The House has security patrols nightly, wherein the security personnel physically enter the house several times throughout the entire night, every night. If an eye witness accounting is desired, all one would have to do is wait outside the gate for any of these officers to come by to check the house and I am sure any of them too would affirm that there is nothing spooky going on inside. Will they let you in to see it first hand? No. There is a liability issue for the Mill, thus this would not be allowed.

Lol people saying it isn't haunted and people are ignorant have too much time on their hands all these people haven't seen all this crazy stuff for it to be fake my brother went to the house and still won't go back because when he went to hop the fence the lights upstairs popped on my brother didn't lie and isn't into the supernatural....but if you're commenting just to call people stupid find something better to do its obvious something unnatural goes on on that property This site has photos of people in the home. Looks very nice not sure if any are from upstairs. Also looks like an old drawing of the home in the photos. From what it says looks like they renovated it so maybe that's why no one was allowed in but only still allowed events outside?

I belive that the house is haunted but I could be wrong because I am only 9 but if it is haunted why would mr . Martin kill his family

I grew up in Millville where I was born and raised as was my father and his father before him. My father worked at the mill as his father before him and trust me because my father nor my grandfather didn't lie or make up ghost stories. I have been told by them the story of what happened and have relayed it to my children in my diaries for them to pass on. It IS haunted no doubt for I have been there on many occasions and the feelings u get are unexplainable.

Check out the Martin House through Google Earth, the yard and see for yourself. There is a child wearing an outfit that looks like the Morton Salt and she's walking a small white dog. Over to the left, you will see a woman in a long green dress, red hair put up, and a man in the yard who appears to be on ( I thought it was a riding mower at first) something that I can't figure but he sitting down on some kind of contraption. Google Earth. Satellite pics.

Well thank you so much for coming to my defense as the last comment called us all ignorant for speaking our minds. I am not allowed in the house or at least that was their response to me wanting to rent it for my book signing. My mom is the first person that elaborated on the mishap she had while picking pears on the shore line. I don't think her memory should be tainted by the jack A$$ that called her a liar and said we were all basically lying and spreading fiction. I have to laugh at some of the people who claim to be truthful and all American but think they have the right to tell us that we don't have the same rights as them. Their opinion is that the house is nothing more than a wooden structure with four walls. But to us that believe other wise it is more than that and we are entitled to our opinions. I appreciate that you shared your opinion regarding my books with me and I am glad you enjoyed the book. I will not stop with my writing and I will provide much more entertainment for all of us "ignorant" people. I just have to laugh.....

It is truly nice to know that someone has seen some of the activities I seen @ the Martin House . Merry Christmas !

I am one of your sisters friends whom has read your books and would like to comment on them . Your books are written well and I thoroughly enjoyed them . I lived in Parker Fl off and on for many years and took it upon myself to visit the Martin House on a few occasions . This house is haunted and I have witnessed lights flick ing off and on , @ times staying on for hours @ a time , a child peering from the top left window with long brown curly hair , and anothed child , male whom seems to be playing hide - n - seek . This house seeks to be more active on friday nights . Contact me if you like and thank you for sharing your writes . I do look forward to more !

I would really like to recommend that you spend a night or 2 on this property . Get back too me after you do and kindly give me a update . TY !

First of all these comments are all opinions. No one is being ignorant except perhaps the one calling others names. Each of the comments are personal and only describe their experiences or stories they have heard. Some of the family members are deceased any you sir are a total disrespectful person for saying the things you have about those family members. No harm no foul is a rule to live by. Its great that you "have quite a few years" on some of these people but I doubt you are over 69. I am. And to tell them to stop spreading fiction? This is still a free country and they have a right to free speech. I mean unless that too has changed. There is nothing being said that is derogatory about the mill or its people and that is what counts. Now, If you can prove that these things DIDN'T happen that would be great and please feel free, but for you to call them ignorant, that is a sign of disrespect. They are simply having a conversation amongst themselves and sharing "rumors" or "stories" they have heard and the last time I checked that was their god given right. - Good day sir!

Comments from people on a YouTube video who have lived here their entire lives or work around it: I work at the mill. This house is not haunted. No murders were ever committed here and no family named Martin ever lived there. It was originally the home for the manager of the saw mill. When the paper mill was built they bought the home to use for company functions. I have been there many times and it is rather uneventful. The Martin name is not because of a family. It is named that because of Martin Lake. It is currently being remodeled by RockTenn. The only thing that creeps there is an occasion rat. This morning when I drove by I noticed there are plenty of private property signs. As an employee I can't even go there without permission. No hauntingly there just boring meetings. You guys can all grow up now and stop spreading fiction to everyone. This is the history I've known and I'm very sure I have quite a few years on all of you. Just because you make up things about your family and what was there doesn't make it true. You guys are perhaps some of the most ignorant people, you'll just believe what people say because they say it.

I live in Panama City Fl and yes it is haunted I've been there and yes others rented out because the hauntings have not calsed any deaths buying have stayed by that house with a friend and you would see a young girl standing in the window and lights go on and off around the time of 3am or a little earlier

I myself wrote the book and for that reason alone (no information available) I created a story that was compiled of the interviews and information I acquired. It is definitely fiction but it is due to the fact that no information is available. I mean who built the house? Who lived there? It surely wasn't built just for company functions. And the biggest question is why wouldn't they let me rent it for my book signing and then rent it the next week for a wedding? When there is a secret or hidden agenda regarding something considered to be an icon within the community of course people are going to talk. I believe something happened. What exactly is the question. How can so many people be wrong? One being my mother and grandparents. Too much to be a coincident. I hope when it is re-released in December to bring more attention to it and get the story out. Sandy Creek is the Prequel but a story in itself. Too many things being hidden. Thank you for your interest and the comment to bring up something I myself have asked but looked partial on my books behalf.

If Mr. Martin killed his family and or servant and himself or if the servant killed everyone and hung himself, why would the paper mill hide it? What do they have to gain from hiding the truth? I can't find nothing online regarding the history of the murders or hanging. I can't even find a physical address either. Something definitely happened in that house, but what? I've lived in Panama City since 2008 and still have yet to find a story online regarding the actual event.

Wow, that is an angle on the house that I have never heard. I appreciate you sharing the truth with us and I would love to hear more. Perhaps you have heard other stories about my other books. I am always learning and interviewing people to create a believable story with my own personal twist. I can be found on Facebook or Amazon's Author Central page. Message me on FB and I would be more than happy to hear what you have to say.

I was born and raised here, my granny was the baby daughter of James Lafayette Mashburn. Our family came here when 231 was a two rut dirt road on a wagon. They owned a dairy farm on both sides of 231 in Hiland Park spanning from Selma to Baldwin at 231 and aross the RR tracks to Lafayette named after my great grampa. I know what happen there and I know it is true because it was a story my granny told me that never changed. The owner that built the home for his wife owned many servants and that's saying it nicely, he traveled granny said back and forth from Marianna a lot an back then it was more than a 1 hour ride by horse n buggy. His servants not only lived on the property but also came over by an old fairy because Parker then was basically surrounded by water Redfish Point also where tyndal field airforce base is. His wife became too close to a young servant man and because at the time it was a disgrace , he hang him from the big oak tree by thewater that can be seen from all three water ways for all that came through on these fairys or boats with servants as a lesson. His beautiful wife had to watch, Mr.Martin hamed by this knowing the whole town knew went home and murdered his wife hung her in the same tree and then his children followed by himself. Yes that's many souls that are lost and have some unfinished business, I've been there before the paper mill ownwd it nonbelievers take yourself by boat or kyak from the little bridge just crossing in to Parker and go on up there hang out, Video it 16hours or more. Yea go do that and why your at it mock ol John Boy Massalinas

I will definitely keep that in mind Carla. Do you have any history on the house and what types of things have happened that would cause you to think it is haunted?

I myself was told that this house was indeed haunted. I lived in the millville area a few blocks from the home about 10 yrs ago. My exboyfriend worked for the paper mill and told me the history of the house. That the father Mr. Martin killed his entire family in this home. And the reason theres no record of these murders are the fact that the paper mill is keeping quiet.I my self has been by the house and felt something. I myself am a believer as I have lived in a haunted house in Bonifay , florida.Trina when your ready to write another book maybe you should do it on that one. Carla Buchholz Chipley, Florida

I have seen the inside of the house. I have been upstairs. The doors were kept locked because there is something no one can explain and it is better to leave the unknown alone. I was helping clean up after a function and when I heard something upstairs I went to investigate. As I stepped on the first stair the temperature dropped dramatically. I looked up to the top of the staircase and there was a woman in a white lace type dress standing there. She was transparent to a point. Her dress was long and flowing as if it were breezy in the house. She looked straight at me and put her finger over her mouth insinuating that I needed to be quiet. In that instant the door slammed and she was pulled backwards into one of the rooms. I heard a moan that haunts me to this day. I backed up, dropped the box in my hands and ran out of that house. When I got to my car I called my boss to tell him I was unable to finish cleaning because of an emergency and the reason I didn't speak of my experience was because I knew he wouldn't believe me. Now, I know what most people think and that is that nothing happened there because there are no records but I believe what I saw was the spirit of the woman that was killed there. She looked scared and I know she was trying to warn me. That is a true story and if I wouldn't have been there I would doubt me too. BUT I WAS THERE. I will never step foot on that property again. NEVER

My book is in deed fiction as the front of the cover says. The fact of the matter is that the 30 some odd people I spoke with prior to writing the book had some kind of encounter in or around the house. The majority of the comments back that fact up which is why I wrote about it. I am glad your grandparents were allowed in the house. They won't let me in. I wanted to have my book signing there and they told me it wasn't safe????? That was straight from the Paper mill. Have a good one and I hope you enjoy the book.

Sorry to say the house is not some big mystery. Great grandfather retired from the papermill and he and great grandmother also attended party's the Martin house there's even a bayou and a road named after these two people who had lived here all there lives. Pratt bayou. And as no one talks of these ghost or killings and there's no history to be found on any murders cause there isn't any. But the local teenagers had to start some rumors years back just because its what kids and writers do, they make up things that interest them. I love to read so now I'll read the book and have a good laugh. Great granddaughter.

I have lived in Panama City FL off and on most of my life. I actually live about 5 blocks from the martin house. I have seem and felt many things. It is something that is hard to describe unless you have seen it for yourself. I havent read this book but I will now.

On June 20, 1941, my grandfather was murdered in what was being used as a garbage dump on the back side of the Martin House property close to the lake. A man was at the dump to get scraps for his hogs when he saw my grandfather being taken out of a car. He had already been beaten badly. The killer proceeded to stomp my grandfather until he died. The witness alerted the police and gave them a description of the killer and his car. Within a few weeks, the witness' body was found floating in Martin Lake. I won't go into more detail other than to say the killer was very easy to recognize due to a physical impairment, and he was a prominent business man in the area. Another witness also came forward and said he saw my grandfather in the company of 3 men earlier that afternoon and it appeared my grandfather was possibly drunk. The witness knew all 3 of the men, with one of them being the same man seen at the dump stomping my grandfather. As it turned out, my grandfather had no alcohol in his system per the coroner. No arrests were made and the case was closed. When I tried to get the records from the county, they said the courthouse roof had leaked and destroyed the records. The newspaper articles are very brief with no real information. They even misspelled my grandfather's name so badly, I had a hard time finding the articles. End of story. As for ghosts at the Martin House, I have never been there so I have no input on that subject. However, I well remember as we travelled north on Hwy 98 towards the papermill, my mother many times pointed towards the part of Martin Lake that is south of the Martin House property and she told me there were many unexplained deaths (other than the ones I have described) in that area. Bodies found floating, children killed by bank cave ins, etc. I wish I could remember more details, but I do know she described several.

I have lived in or around the Callaway area for the last 60 yrs there has always been rumors of the house being haunted..ive never seen anything but the 2 functions I attended years ago at night ..I did not feel comfortable in the house it was like someone was looking over your shoulders..i do not know if it was just my imagination or if it was something ...but when I drive by there I have no desire to ever go back on that far as someone being murdered there its very possible considering the area it is located in back in the 60s it was a very very rough area ..

Can you tell us more about what the house looks like inside. They won't let us in. (Us being a paranormal investigation team) I have heard there are rooms upstairs that are unaccessable by the public and those who have rented it for celebratory occasions. I would like to talk to you about what you saw. I can only imagine the fear you must have felt but believe me I have been there and done that. Please respond. Thanks

I would love to hear what happened on the video. I am still writing and am looking for another story. I have heard a lot and I think the cult is the one thing I didn't put in the book. I wanted to find out more but I couldn't find anyone who would discuss it. I even gave copies of the book to news anchors I knew and they have yet to tell me anything they might know, If you would like to tell me your story (anonymously) or otherwise, please email me or message me on facebook. Thank you.

I've lived in Millville for 10 yrs. And I've had two experiences there. One night in '03, I saw the shape of a man on the porch looking at me. I was walking the Parker curve. And then in '04, I was parked in front of the house on the dirt road. There was a little girl in a pink dress in one of the upstair's windows. She was waving, then she looked behind her and started waving me to leave. My husband grew up here, and has been in the house. My brother in law went in there with him, and neither one of them will talk about what happened to them in there. All I know is something bad happened there.

I have personally seen and experienced things at this house I can not explain. I wont even begin to share my experiences here because frankly, if I hadnt expereienced it myself I wouldnt even believe it. The bottom line is this. Ive never been able to confirm that a murder happened at the Martin House but you can easily confirm that a satanic cult was evicted from the house while it sat abandoned by the police in the late 80's or early 90's. I remember reading it an article in the News Herald about it many years ago. If you ever get the opportunity to go in the upstairs of this house, which is not open to the public, the evidence of the cults presence is still evident everywhere. My freshman year of college I worked at a local TV station and was shown video from a news story that was taped there. The segment never aired due to what occured on the tape. I will never forget the things I saw on that tape, nor my personal experiences there. Whatever is in that house is not kind and does not mean well.

Ive never been able to confirm that anyone was ever killed there. However, when the house sat vacant in the 80's and early 90's you can easily confirm through public records that a satanic cult was evicted from the house. The upstairs of the house to this day still has signs on the walls and floors from their rituals. I truely believe that whatever happened during this time opened doors that havent been closed. I have personally seen and experienced things at this house that I wont even share on here because frankly, if I hadnt been there myself, I wouldnt belive that it really happened. I tempted whatever is there twice to show itself, and it did. I will never, ever, do it again, nor will I ever go back to this place.

There was an internet website that stated a man confessed to killing "A person" in the house. When the house was remodeled a piece of wood was removed from the upstairs window seal and it was written on the back of the wood. I tried many, many times to bookmark the site and when I went back the page was not found and it could not be displayed. This was sent to me by someone in Tennessee. I am not the only one who has had pages mysteriously disappear. I have never said the story in my book was a nonfiction read but I used every interview in the book. What I found while investigating is that every story was similar with what they saw or encountered. Like I have said before My late mother was the first to tell me of something she saw in the house and I believe her. She told me approximately 3 years ago and I am now 41 so it wasn't like she was just telling me a ghost story. I don't expect everyone to be a believer and that is ok. I accept adversity and it is a right for everyone to have their opinions. I have only used what I have been told and experienced in the book. I wish I could be allowed access to the house but the mill won't let me in nor rent it. I can't give you the proof you need to believe it. It is something you have to experience for yourself. I hope this helps to let you understand why I wrote my book. I promised my mom I would do it and I didn't lie to her. She has made me the trustworthy and strongwilled person I am today. Thank you for your inquiry and If I find the rock solid proof you are requesting I will post it here. Thanks again. Trina M. Ward

I found him or her to be a bit arrogant as well. He definitely would have a lot to say about Sandy Creek.

Thanks for your response in regards to "mythbuster" I think he/she bit off more than they could chew. I think a lot of people feel the way we do about the house and there is no denying that.

I am interested in learning more about the house's history and I've done quite a bit of research over the internet, but I can find absolutely no evidence that there was ever a murder there. Lots of people say that one of the Martins killed his whole family there, but I find it a little difficult to believe since no one ever supplies any concrete proof of the original murder, right down to the year this happened or what the first name of the Martin man was. Where did you get your information?

I wonder if Mythbuster has thought to actually take the time to read the book. It is clearly stated that it is fiction. Just because she thinks something actually took place in the house doesn't mean the story was stated to be a factual account. I have had several encounters within the house while at company functions within the Martin house. I believe there is something in the area that haunts it. Why are the upstairs rooms locked? Because it is unsafe? why? They would give no answer to that question. I have heard stories about the lake too. Bodies were found and parts of bodies were felt on the bottom but then disappeared. So mythbuster it seems you are outnumbered regarding the legitimacy of the pretense of the story. I suggest you do a little more investigating before putting your foot in your mouth. Rachel-35yr old Panama City Resident.

what are you afraid of? you couldn't even use your own name. I am pretty sure I am already aware of who you are and don't want me to succeed. Jealousy? well I hate to tell you you are outnumbered on who believes the house is possessed. Sorry but there are too many similarities on the interviews I have done. I too have been there. It doesn't seem scary... The entities choose who they make contact with. Obviously you wouldn't be very interesting to them. I will pray they do make you a believer.

If the person calling themselves "mythbuster" could come to the front of the line I would like to respond in my defense. Firstly I would like to say if they could read they would see it is classified as a fiction read. Plain and Simple. I used true stories in which I was told. Secondly I would like to add that I have used interviews of which consisted of many respectable people. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are liars. I believe they were truthful. Thirdly I would also like to add that I, as does everyone am entitled to an opinion. You are entitled to yours. You are only 1 individual, 1vote and 1 voice. Thanks for your input but I believe you are outnumbered as far as who thinks something might have happened in that house. One of which was DECEASED MY MOTHER. Shall you call her a liar? Probably not a good idea. If you want to get into a debate on this subject I will not turn you down but you should know I have people who are dead set on the fact that they saw something within the house and the grounds on which it sits. I am here to defend those who spoke to me with the expectation of being taken seriously and not be ridiculed for their story. Once again thank you for your OPINION. OH and SANDY CREEK is only a hot minute away from the presses. Have a great day! Trina M. Ward

Well I beg to differ, The house in question is exactly what she depicts in her story. I have lived in Bay County all of my life and my family has lived here and surrounding areas for MANY YEARS! Everyone who pays attention knows that The Martin House story is real and true. The Mill bought the house years ago because it was an historical sight and was going to be destroyed. It is closed off to the public and only used for functions instead of made into a bed and breakfast or Historical show home because of its history! If because of your religion or beliefs you don't agree with the history of the house and that it is Haunted then that is okay. Everyone is not on the same page and the haunting of this home are very true!

I have lived in the area and am fairly familiar with the house myself, I have also ways been told of at least one murder on the property. Yes it is used for private functions for the paper-mill. I know the author of the book personally and is a very talented writer, the best that I can recall she never said if the book was completely fiction or non fiction so there is no need for your over criticism of the "horrors or ghosts", something happened on that property many years ago and unless you are in your late 70s early 80's you would not have been personally around to know for a fact what has happened on that property. Mythbuster, due to your name i am lead to believe that you do not believe in the paranormal, but to each their own. you may want ot check out the following website:

Have you ever been there late at night alone for any time at all???? Well i have about 30 years ago with a few others and guess what the place is haunted! By who I do not know but it is ghost's.So your statement isn't Squat!

Are you qualified to make such claims? Were you there, when she wrote this book, witnessing that she never interviewed one single person and told their stories? Have you ever investigated The Martin House, or any other "haunted" site, for that matter? I find your post to be a bit pompous, if not arrogant.

I don't know who this, "Mythbuster" is, but I have to wonder if they have ever personally done a paranormal investigation of The Martin House or any other place, for that matter? Are they personally trained, and/or qualified to make such a claim? Have they spent ANY amount of time, at The Martin House? Ever? Myth's as we all know, are generally stemmed from old stories. Stories that had to come from a personal experience, at some point. I find it very hard to believe that people just go around making stuff up. Especially, when this author interviewed people and those people shared their stories with her. Now, having said all of that, I have lived in this area for about 7-8 years now, this time. And, several times before then, for 2-3 years at a stint. I have always known The Martin House was haunted and that there was some horrific story behind it. There were people found in the lake, dead. There were murders inside of this house. Besides all of this? The book IS a novel. It doesn't claim, in any way, shape or form, to be a non-fiction writing.

It appears that there is controversy regarding this house. It is all good. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I asked to go in the house, to rent the house for an event, get a tour or even have some one get pictures for me. I was just curious as to what it looked like and to see if anything happened. They shot me down. Why? You are partially right. The corporation doesn't talk about the horrors but PEOPLE OF THE COMMUNITY DO. They talk about their encounters while near or around the place. They all can't be lying and I wouldn't want to be to the one to accuse them of it. OPINIONS everybody has them and are entitled to them. It doesn't mean a random person's words will sway what people believe. SORRY. It is what it is.

The house in question is well known to me. It is owned by the paper mill located just across the road from it and is used for functions such as meetings and perhaps a party every now and again, held by the corporation. The reason there is little history of the"horrors" that took place there, is simply because there IS NO history of horrors which took place there. The reason no one talks about these "horrors" or "ghosts", is because THERE AREN'T ANY. It is simply a house. A big, very old house. Nothing more. . . nothing less. The only hauntings of that place, are merely that which people choose to create within their own minds. Fiction, not fact. Not based in reality. Sorry to say this, but there is no "hauntings" at the Martin House.

This book is pretty high on my list for thriller and suspense. The level of anticipation is compatible with Koontz in his younger years. I recommend this to all my friends especially since the house is real...

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