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The Weightloser

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February 18, 2020  |  1,708 views  |  1 review / comment

The Weightloser by Andrew Roman. How to Lose Weight Well, Small Everyday Changes with Big Results. Book coverDo you want to manage your weight and health?

You’ve tried best diets and programs to lose weight at this point. All the diets, all the weight loss pills, all the weight loss habits and hacks books for beginners, and still no progress (at least, none that lasts).

It feels like there’s some ultra-secret trick to losing weight with food and drink for a healthy life that no one has filled you in on, doesn’t it?

What if, instead of losing weight by calories counting, searching for a miracle, you simply look at your everyday small habits that make a big impact? Feel the difference before unlocking the secrets of weight loss with this book and after.

Introducing the best and fast way of losing weight and keeping it off by altering your individual eating habits to significantly improve your progress.

In this book, you will explore the main food groups that contribute to weight gain and those that can help you shed pounds.

You’ll also find out about everyday actions you can take that will add up to an overall healthier lifestyle.

In addition, discover:

How meal planning and food prep can change your life for the better
Why excess sugar is sapping away your life and how to cut it out for good
How to make vegetables tasty enough to eat regularly
How to lose weight faster with your mind
Why lean meats are better than red meats and how to transition
The importance of water and staying hydrated to lose weight and feel healthier
And much, much more!

You don’t have to turn to yet another fad diet or “miracle” smoothie to drop the weight.

You simply need to look at your habits and make a few small changes to witness amazing results with this guide to losing weight.


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Andrew Roman is an author and health obsessive who was born and raised in New York City. He studied at New York University and after graduation he worked for several top companies in the city, rising quickly to senior management positions. But his lifestyle while achieving his career goals was suffering and when he had a health scare after gaining a huge amount of weight, he knew that...

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I read the book a month ago and it has had a profound effect on me. As someone who has pretty much struggled with their weight their whole adult life, but more seriously since having children, I’d reached the point where I’d tried so many diets. After reading I can say - This book is a MUST HAVE for people wanting to get their bad eating habits under control and reclaim their life and their relationship with food. The author offers up an incredibly simple way to beat that inner voice down, make yourself a set of rules and commit to them. I actually (as silly as this makes me sound) stick with the book and found myself addressing the pig! It has actually cut down my binge eating.. if for nothing else I find the book reallly enyertaining to read

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