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The Seven Messages from the Master
by Rev. Terry Christian  US United States

July 2, 2013   |    3,130 views    |   1 review / comment

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Book Image Did Not Load!This book was not written, it was composed using only the words of Jesus so everyone would understand exactly  “What Did Jesus Say”. 
The Seven Messages from the Master contain over 500 Bible verses spoken directly by Jesus as recorded and “outlined in red” in the New King James Bible.
Each message will strengthen you and guide you to a most peaceful life in Christ Jesus. This special "one of a kind" book has 176 pages, beautifully illustrated in full color, in LARGE, easy to read text, with the ‘words of Jesus’ printed in red.
"I dedicate this book to everyone who wants to walk with Jesus, feel HIS presence, hear HIS words and understand HIS message" - Reverend Christian


There is no doubt that all Believers, and non believers should own and read this daily devotional. These words of Jesus, with no one elses opinions, will bring you closer in your relationship with Christ. You should, and will want to, read it daily and as you do you, will become more like Jesus! Enjoy, and be blessed!

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