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Who lives in the dark?

This is a bedtime story that will help your child sleep soundly
by Roxanna Babble  US United States

October 8, 2019   |    701 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Who lives in the dark? - Book cover

Children often see terrible shadows in their room at night. Who lives in the dark: are they evil monsters or good fairies? Fairies, of course. Mom knows everything about those beautiful cuties and tells her son the amazing secrets. After a magical story, he will happily go to bed and fall asleep. After all, a wonderful land of dreams awaits him!
This story will teach:
- How to stop being afraid of the dark;
- Fall asleep quickly without being weepy;
- Look forward to having good dreams.

In addition to being read before bedtime, the book is also suitable for play. The many pages contain fun and interesting tasks.
Continue your fascinating journey through the book!

Author's Note: 

Roxana Babble was born in Vilnius (Lithuania) and later moved to San Diego (USA).A city by the ocean and a love of books inspired her to work. Roxana dedicated her life to journalism and then took up writing of books in the teenage prose genre. After the birth of her daughter, the writer realized that she wanted to read her own tales to her child and share them with other people.According to the author, the recipe for her fairy tales is simple: a pinch of miracles, a spoon of magic, and, of course, endless love for children.Children of all ages will find these tales pleasurable.
Natalie Brown is an illustrator whose incredible imagination paved her way in the world of children's books. She enthusiastically draws funny animals, magic fairies, cute princesses, and all kind of characters of the fairytale universe. Her own children are her main advisers and severe critics.The artist lives and works in Berlin, drawing inspiration from games with children, books, and rainy days. At such moments, she arms herself with a brush and a cup of fragrant tea and begins to draw.

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