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by Reyna Hawk / US United States

Just when Janie had high hopes of getting her life on the right path and finally being happy and free from the Petrilo Crime Family; more tragedies and startling revelations sends her in a direction she never imagined.


Reflection of Secrets
by John W Ryan / AU Australia

I have spent the majority of my life Training in Martial Arts, Deception / Truth verification, Anti Corruption & Law Enforcement weapons.

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by Domo Pax Inekigha / NG Nigeria

The name of my work is 'The Voice'. I produced it using a music software, Fruity loops 10. Its a Classical piece, that has an ethnic feel of culture and the world we live in. Its simply beautiful and moving.


by Hanyi Huang / US United States

A small kindness can turn strangers into best friends ... a small turn of events can turn best friends back into strangers. Angelique (Angie) Smith and David Brown are childhood friends. There was a time when they loved each other, but then five words broke them apart: "I wish you would die."


All the Right Wrongs
by Mitchell Waldman / US United States

The crimes involved in the stories in PETTY OFFENSES AND CRIMES OF THE HEART may sometimes be petty – a man who leaves a bag of cat droppings on his neighbor’s doorstep after learning about his past – and sometimes involve criminal types (the career criminals in “My Life of Crime” and “Missing Pieces”).


Petty Offenses and Crimes of the Heart
by Juliet Rose / US United States

This book is about a young girl who comes from a different world in outer space with her parents to find her one true love. Afterwards, Seyai explains the truth and Zevran, though shocked, accepts it. This is a search that every alien has to go through with approval from their Goddess and ruler, Osuarua. After going from state to state and suffering serious heartbreaks, Seyai has lost hope in finding her love.

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Magnetizing: a different world - Book Cover
by Wendell Ware / US United States

In my 90th year, I was given the gift of flying, for my birthday. As I took the controls of the Cessna 210, I reignited memories of a life long ago. I was an officer and pilot in the United States Air Force serving in the Southwest Pacific during World War II from 1943-1946.

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Arise My Love And Come Away With Me
by Lawander Harris / US United States

SAVING JON – A Mother and Sons Journey – is a 70,000 word memoir. A true story about a mother’s hope in prayer and a boy turned man. In Saving Jon, you’ll get to see a story played out from the stages of generous, heartfelt stuff of life.


by Jude Johnson / US United States

The third book in the Dragon & Hawk series continues the Evan Jones family saga in the Arizona Territory. The year is 1904 in Tucson, Arizona Territory. Jamie Jones, eldest son of Evan and Reyna, looks like his Mexican mother ...


by Jude Johnson / US United States

Out of Forgotten Ashes is a tale of what happens after Happily Ever...Evan Jones has married his beloved Reyna, the mystic Mexican healer he searched for in Book One, Dragon & Hawk. But life on a ranch just outside of Tombstone, Arizona Territory is far from easy.