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by Catherine M. D'Aquila / US United States

As a parent of two children I witnessed unfair treatment, harassment, bullying, and name calling from educators. I decided that I would share my stories regarding my children's experiences as well as my experiences as a teacher.

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by Donnette Smith / US United States

When news reporter, Priscilla Hart suffers a near fatal attack by a mysterious creature, she finds herself at the mercy of the very detective she swindled for privileged information regarding a homicide story she’s covering.

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by Lawrence Winkler / CA Canada

In the summer of 1980, a maverick young doctor gave it all up, to hitchhike around the world. Between the Cartwheels is the sequel to that cartwheel, his vision quest continuing now, on the European Grand Tour adventure of a lifetime.


by Milton Lopez Delgado / US United States

THREE MUSICAL SHOWS TO CHOOSE FROM! Take a trip down memory lane with Delgado's: "The Salute to the Crooners SHOW!", "The Oldies But Goodies Doowop Show" and "Messages in Music".


by June Kessler / US United States

Quick Breads can be made in minutes, since they do not require the prolonged kneading and lengthy rising and proofing. Instead of yeast, these breads are made with rising agent such as baking powder or baking soda that begins to release gas bubbles the moment it is moistened.


Country Baking Quick Breads and Muffins (book image did not load)
by Carol Byler / US United States

In 1969 Municipal Judge Robert Steele of Euclid, Ohio conspired with a pimp to hire a hit man to murder his wife. For eight years Carol J. Kilbane-Byler was engulfed in this dark, tempestuous conspiracy. She knew the details of the murder and was labeled a “central figure” in the murder trial.


Secret Witness, The Steele Murder Case (book image did not load)
by Lauren Hunter / CA Canada

Unable to prevent his first love, the Lady Marianne, from being struck down by a carriage in a London street, Anthony Thornhill, heir to the Duke of Albourne, watches her die in his arms. Believing her lost to him forever, he tries to forget her through an endless line of ladies, his rakish ways leaving him empty and wanting.


by June Kramin / US United States

When Katie receives a call from Courtney with bad news, she immediately flies to Seattle to be with her. Dusty goes in search of Frank to see about righting this terrible wrong. Upon discovering Katie can’t go back but he can, Dusty eagerly confronts their past, but quickly finds out it’s not as easy as he thought.


Dustin's Turn
by Jaachynma N.E. Agu / NG Nigeria

The King and Other Poetic Thoughts is an inspiring work of poetry that is written with you in mind. Author Jaachynma N.E. Agu outlined a total of twenty-two poems in this masterpiece. Titles like My Vision, My World, The King, Sweet Mother, The Recreated You and Successful Women are found therein.

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The King and Other Poetic Thoughts - Book cover
by Stan Lynde / US United States

U.S. Deputy Marshal Merlin Fanshaw is out of town on the day George Starkweather and his outlaw band hold up the Cattleman's Bank of Dry Creek. Upon his return, Fanshaw's boss, U.S. Marshal Chance Ridgeway, suggests the deputy volunteer to infiltrate the gang as an undercover agent.