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by Simon Barnes / GB United Kingdom

I first went to Venice in 1954 with my parents on our way back from India. In those days we still travelled by sea. It must have stuck in my imagination. I have been back many times since. In 2010 I began my novel a supernatural thriller set in the Castello district in eastern area of the city.


Venetia - A Supernatural thriller set in Venice
by Jill Seely / US United States

Everyone desires happiness throughout life. This insightful book offers real life examples, insights, and easy to follow strategies that can help anyone in leading a happier life.

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Road of Happiness
by Cindy Darkheart / US United States

Juxtaposed Darkness is a dark poetry book. The book examines feelings of desperation and futility stemming from depression and self-injury. The poems are a fusion of darkness and a small bit of hope.


Juxtaposed Darkness - Book cover
by Amanda Clark / US United States

Through the Blinds is poetic diary following Looking at the Moon, Flying Fall, and Beautifully Mixed up World. Through the Blinds was written when the author was 23. It documents new careers, long distance relationships, and the vulnerabilities of a young women trying to find herself after graduating college.


by Brandi Lawson / US United States

If there are bubbles around, Maria and her new fun-loving frog will find them! In the beautifully illustrated children’s story The Soap Bubble Frog, Maria gets a pet frog at a pet shop in New York City. The little girl learns that her new frog has a fascination with bubbles as well as a unique gift of being able to count!


by Isabelle Esling / FR France

With never before seen photos and interviews and dedicated to the memory of Big Proof, the founder of D12 and Eminem, Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene: White Kid in a Black Music World will take you deep into the heart of the Detroit Ghetto with Eminem, long before D12 and the Aftermath with D12.


Eminem and The Detroit Scene
by Pam Chambers / GB United Kingdom

The Thirteenth Torment is a gripping Detective Crime Thriller that will keep you guessing to the end. British Detective Inspector Kate Kanders and her team have a motto: "Victim Safe, Villain confesses."


by Ogwo David Emenike / NG Nigeria

Life is the definition we give to it. And so like everything else, failure is the definition you give to it. Failure could be a stepping stone to ones goals if you perceive it to be, it could also be your final bus stop in life if you perceive it to be so.

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by Shawn StJean / US United States

Clotho's Loom (2012) is a BRAND NEW (August 11, 2012) novel of approximately 120,000 words published by scholar/author Shawn StJean. Its subtitle is "A Novel of Literary Romance and Realism."
The present-day narrative is split between two protagonists, William and Nexus Wyrd (husband and wife).


by E. H. James / CA Canada

Jeremy Brogan thought being a night watchman at a hospital would be easy, wandering long, dark, empty halls late at night. It might even get kind of boring after a while…except Jeremy is working at St. Michael’s, the most haunted hospital in the country.