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by Teena Elrod / US United States

My journey of healing after a violent rape as a teenager.


Familiar Stranger: Journal of A Rape Survivor
by Mark Graham / US United States

A wonderful, unique and compelling story. Land Run by Mark Graham


Land Run
by Waldemar Kissel III / US United States

A collection of poems that will make you laugh and also touch your heart.


Comforting Poems of Life, Love, and Happiness
by Zane Shonforest / US United States

Adventures from the coast of Monterey to the village of Pista in the Southwest: A story of friendship, deceit, revenge ... death and love all in the midst of characters that will capture your imagination and your heart.

1638 views / 1 comment

Tumbleweed Logic
by Zane Shonforest / US United States

All Morgan wanted was to find a roof over her head with her oversized canine companion. She found it -having to live under the watchful eyes of a crazy woman while a wave of unexpected life lessons ensued.


A Bible And A Fly Swatter 1977
by Latasha R. Naphier / US United States

To Walk With Grace Is To Run With God is an inspirational book that is meant to teach the multitudes about the goodness of Jesus and the blessings he can bestow up on you if you turn your life over to him.


To Walk With Grace Is To Run With God
by Garry E. Lewis / US United States

Come help solve a mystery in the town of Rileyville, as a strange new family has moved to town. Why is that not a good thing? ...

2717 views / 2 comments

The Rileyville Mystery
by Billy McBride / US United States

This is a book where the invisible Angels whom I married and I attempt to position the body in space to balance it according to their guidance and so to find the peaceful home where I am headed. It sells for $4.00 on kindle.


The Meaning of Standing Exile
by Allan Wesley / US United States

A woman's guide for dealing with life's unpleasant truths and harsh realities -some men betray and deceive women. Here are your rules for dealing with this.


Who is the man in your bed?
by Octavia McBride... / US United States

The Ancient Romans used to call a person's creative spirit her "genius," and recognized the labor of setting it free as one of love and sacrifice. Octavia McBride-Ahebee's latest collection is just such a labor. Her poems depict human longing, love and dignity in the context of global inequality with fierce, uncompromising grace ...


Where My Birthmark Dances