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by Chandel L. White / US United States

While it may be difficult and even disturbing to believe, it’s true: much of what you’ve been taught and have learned about Christianity and the Christ has been incorrect. There is nothing at all wrong with the actual gospel - it’s just that the authentic gospel truth has been spun in so many ways that.


Romans to Jude - Precise Christian Scripture Revealed
by Christine Mccullough / US United States

Series of intense sexual short stories. Men and women are at war against each other. When it comes down to it all only one gender will master the art of the game. Who will it be?

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Sex Wars
by Cate Mara / AU Australia

It is the last day of the summer holiday before school starts again and the self-named Great Kieranski is determined to have an adventure even if he has to invent one! Joined by his crew of best mates they use recent events as a reason to save their town from aliens, bullies and the evil Bardbuy ...


The Great Kieranski and the Bardbuy
by Andra Lei / US United States

See how God took a typical nonchalant girl and matured her into a young woman who does not take the word whatever lightly. Get a realistic view on the life of a Christian. Her journal is now your journal.

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Whatever! Journal for the Nonchalant Girl (book) by Andra Lei
by Steven Lytton / GB United Kingdom

Gary Bryant knew it was over, however, the end of his relationship to Sandra Gleeson was to be the beginning of a nightmare. Stalking and mental abuse would take Gary to the limits of a breakdown and even left him fearing for his life, he found out that there were no limits that his ex partner would not be prepared to go to in her efforts to ‘punish’ him.


It's Because I Love You
by Stephen Paul Blanchard / GB United Kingdom

Dan Shears has a life any other bloke would be jealous of; he's a famous DJ on a national London radio station, he has a burgeoning TV career, he's regularly linked to a string of desirable women...and yet, Dan just isn't happy. He finds his dream job boring,


Getting Sync'd
by Liz R. Newman / US United States

Award-winning broadcast journalist Kate Theodore has it all under control, until she rushes to the scene of one of the greatest tragedies in American history in pursuit of the perfect story. Pressuring her cameraman into accompanying her, she feels responsible for his untimely death ...


An Affinity for Shadows
by Paul Lambis / CY Cyprus

Paul Charalambous is nearing his forties. Bored, unhappy and on his way to financial disaster, he decides to change his thoughts as he sets off on a journey of self-discovery. Re-inventing himself as the prodigious Mr. X, he begins to search for a new home and a new life while using his personal experiences as a stepping stone ...


Where is Home?
by Garry Wagner-Robertson / US United States

Follow the zany adventures of a seemingly normal and harmless mailbox brought to life by a scientist and see what happens when a boring menu item takes on a life of its own. What would you do if your favorite snack started levitating? Find out in this riveting tale of danger, excitement, friendship, and a furry mailbox ...


The Evil Mailbox and the Super Burrito
by Ann Wales / GB United Kingdom

‘The Stone of Gardar’ is the first book of the first trilogy of the ‘GUARDIANQUEST’. It was first published in 2006 by AWsome Books. It was later re-published to the Amazon Kindle store in 2011 by the estate of Ann Wales. The ‘Stone of Gardar’ introduces the reader to the two main characters of the series, Peter and Sarah as they holiday with their Aunt Myf in Wales ...


The Stone of Gardar