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by Octavia McBride... / US United States

The Ancient Romans used to call a person's creative spirit her "genius," and recognized the labor of setting it free as one of love and sacrifice. Octavia McBride-Ahebee's latest collection is just such a labor. Her poems depict human longing, love and dignity in the context of global inequality with fierce, uncompromising grace ...


Where My Birthmark Dances
by Ken Jefferson / CA Canada

No Work Description is Available.


Live Legends in Wood
by Kelly Preston / US United States

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper: Life Lessons from a Larger than Life Dog! (and his Owner), a book aimed at the young adult market (with strong crossover potential), is the true story of a remarkable family as told in a unique way by both myself, the owner of the household, and my spunky, hilarious, nine-year old Lhasa Apso, Mr. MaGoo ...


Real Dogs Don't Whisper
by Ken Jefferson / CA Canada

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by Gwynne Hunt / CA Canada

"Rampage; the pathology of an epidemic" written by Gwynne Hunt. The cover is a painting by Kristen Hunt-Jones and winner of the People's Choice award for a 2010 Amnesty International fundraiser event in Vancouver, BC Canada On March 19th, the book ‘Rampage; the pathology of an epidemic’ written by Gwynne Hunt was released at the International Celebration of Women in Abbotsford ...


Rampage: the pathology of an epidemic
by E. R. Scofield / US United States

In Ouroboros, Adventures in the Matrix, you will meet faeries, ghouls, monsters, androids, and everyday people. This collection of short stories and illustrations takes a look into the dark corners of reality with a sometimes humorous twist.


Ouroboros, Adventures in the Matrix
by E. R. Scofield / US United States

Hitler wants to rule the future. In the twenty first century, a group of people plan to escape the modern Nazi regime, to another world. The Thousand Year Reich does not allow escape. There will be trouble. If you like the "what if" factor, Blasphemer is your next must read.


Blasphemer, the Time Conspiracy and the Heretic
by Arash Hejazi / GB United Kingdom

‘When I decided to abandon my medical career, I could never have imagined that one day, if someone Googled the two words ‘Iran’ and ‘Doctor’ my name would appear among the top ten search results. And not because I was a good doctor, but because I had just failed to save the life of a young girl bleeding to death in the street.’ ...


The Gaze of the Gazelle, the story of a generation
by Robin M. Bellamy / US United States

"Grandma's Brooch" is a heart-warming fiction short story loosely based on the life of Bellamy's great-grandmother. The story is about Grandma Hannah and one of her most precious family heirlooms ...


Grandma's Brooch
by Robin M. Bellamy / US United States

"Bare My Soul" is a deeply personal book that offers beautiful expressions in the form of poetry and reflections that people from various backgrounds and experiences can relate to. It covers a vast amount of topics, including love, spirituality, self-esteem, abuse, self-empowerment, and much more.


Bare My Soul