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by Matthew Sawyer / US United States

As the Cortras brothers flee for their lives across the Shur desert, they encounter a man wandering the waste alone. The stranger joins the Cortras brothers. He doesn't tell them who he is or about the voice following him. An amnesic carries salvation and damnation from the desert. "Pazuzu - Manifestation" is the first book in the "Pazuzu" trilogy.


Pazuzu - Manifestation
by Erik Daniel Shein / US United States

Children's Christmas Book about a little bear ornament named "Willie Bear", Sarah the grand daughter of Beverly a retired Zoologist lives in a sanctuary and every Christmas her ornaments come to life. All the Animals featured in the book are based on Rescued or Rescue animals.


The Forgotten Ornament
by Daniel John Fiore Jr. / US United States

What They Have Taught Me: Biblical Life Lessons from an Elementary School Classroom. This is an insightful look into the spiritual education of a public school teacher, whose students continually challenge him to put into practice what he teaches in the classroom ...


What They Have Taught Me
by Christopher Ruiz / US United States

An Entertaining read that relates to everyday living A must read book for men who want to discover the Twenty Keys to attraction in an effective way. Not only will this book guide you in attracting women naturally, it will also break down your way of life and how it relates to the opposite sex ...

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Twenty Keys To Attracting Women
by Robin M. Bellamy / US United States

"A Collection of Poetry: Matters of the Heart, Revealed", a deeply personal poetry collection by Bellamy, brings together a lifetime of work by the pensive author; a kaleidoscopic mix of lyrical gems that touches on the many sides of life with stunning depth and sensitivity ...


A Collection of Poetry: Matters of the Heart, Revealed
by Dr. Marcus Rose / US United States

FULL COLOR VERSION You won't find a more creative, humorous and informative relationship book than this! Dr. Marcus's familiarity with his subject matter comes from more than 30 years of practice & experimentation ...


What Adam Knows About Eve - Book cover
by Scott Madore / CA Canada

The only hockey trivia book of its kind, Timeless Trivia contains questions that will never become outdated this year, next year, or anytime in the future.


Timeless Trivia - Hockey Facts That Will Never Be Obsolete
by Jeffery W. Dukes / US United States

Inspirational messages I've discovered over the years, in my travels throughout the midwest and southeast.


I Read It On A Church Sign
by Apoorve Dubey / IN India

“The price tag you put on yourself decides your worth. Underestimating yourself will cost you dearly.” Realize your true ability and move ahead. “If you don’t have the courage to walk alone others will not have the courage to walk with you.” The Flight of Ambition is a book that will push you to achieve your very best in all spheres of your life.


The Flight of Ambition
by Richard Mason / US United States

In his debut novel, Richard Mason takes us back to 1944 Arkansas through the eyes of Richard, a twelve-year-old with a dream. The dream seems simple enough - to buy a red scarf for Rosalie, the prettiest girl in school ...


The Red Scarf