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by Bernice McFadden / US United States

From an exciting voice in American contemporary fiction comes "a literary explosion...a stunning tale of love and loss" (The Chicago Defender). The novel opens when a young prostitute comes to Bigelow, Arkansas, to start over, far from her haunting past. Sugar moves next door to Pearl, who is still grieving for the daughter who was murdered fifteen years before ...


by Eugene Kachmarsky / CA Canada

An anthology of short fiction that swings from the sublime to the ridiculous across some unique fusions of literary genres. Some of the characters whose stories are told include: a controlled-substance addict; a heartless, ruthless, misanthropic yet patently cowardly municipal communications empire mogul; a biker with a missing testicle; ...


Let Slip the Dogs of Love
by Jhonny Thermidor / US United States

This is my first book full of joy and inspiration. It contains over 60 poems & Quotes. It helps you not to give up as you struggle in life, but to maintain your relationship, your life. It is full of love poems starting from romance, lost love to inspiring love and life Quotes ...


The Language Of Love
by Laurie Champion / US United States

This book offers the experiences and advice of 31 years in the paranormal field, investigating and resolving hostile hauntings.


Never Forever Dead
by Phoebe Hawthorne / US United States

A humorous play, written in semi-Shakespearean language, involving arts and crafts, aristocracy, and, of course, swirling torrents of nonsense. A great book for anyone who has read William Shakespeare's plays.


The Swirling Torrent of Nonsense and Other Travel Destinations
by Phoebe Hawthorne / US United States

The classic tale by Edgar Allen Poe, now with a humorous and riveting alternate ending by Phoebe Hawthorne!


The Tell Tale Heart with an Alternate Ending
by Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda / DK Denmark

The free press is under attack by groups who don't like an independent press, around the world. If these groups silent journalists for bringing us the news, then justice shall be served.


Freedom of press the sitting duck
by Marc Michaels / GB United Kingdom

A short history of the early days of the East London Synagogue, Rectory Square, and an examination of how it came to be established in 1877. With rare photos of the interior of the building taken before its closure. Expanded edition with many more photos.


The East London Synagogue - Outpost of Another World
by Marc Michaels / GB United Kingdom

Pictures from nature and around the world; words from the Torah, Prophets and Writings. Seventy digitally unaltered photographs matched to an appropriate biblical verse - each with its own story.


Shirat Ha-Olam (Song of the World)
by Casey Sean Harmon / US United States

One night the earth was swallowed up by an eerie green fog. The government pronounced it a plague. People were forbidden from looking to the sky. Shortly after, The Sea Dragon emerged from the depths. Chaos reigned across the globe. Earthquakes shook the ground ...


The Thousand Year Voyage