Boost Your Listing gives you the opportunity to list your writing talent and books to any of its directories for free (or as  Powered Listing) and be featured on various social networks. However, we have extended our options a bit, if you want more exposure to your book then Boost Your Listing can help you with that.

Boost Your Listing (BYL) is simply a simple ad box located at a top right area of the website pages featuring an image (your book's cover) which links either to your book's page at or any external page the user desires for a minimal fee. Boost Your Listing is our version of sponsored ads which works based on the genre (of books) the website visitors are viewing.

Who is eligible for Boost Your Listing?

Any author who have submitted his/her book at and accepted for indexing.

What is displayed in BYL?

BYL is flexible, so you have control over how will it display.

The basic BYL we create for the authors includes: The Book Title, Author's Name, Book's Cover linking to whatever, the author desires, whether it's the book Amazon's page, or Smashwords, Barnes & Nobel, or any store selling the book, Or, simply it can link to the book's page on humanmade.

If you want to display other things instead of the basic BYL, it can be done. You can for example have certain widgets to display in the BYL. Smashwords for example have very nice widgets that you can customize and generate the widget's code and provide us with it to display in your BYL. In case you have chosen to display widgets, please ensure that its size (dimensions) should not exceed 300 X 300 pixels.

How does it work?

  • BYL works as a campaign for a defined timeframe (one month initially or in weeks if the user wishes so).
  • First In First Served. Authors contacting us first will be given the opportunity to benefit from BYL before others. Other contacting us later will be kept on record and will be contacted later once others' campaigns expire.
  • You should have a listed book on to be eligible for BYL.
  • You can elect whether you want your BYL be displayed on the homepage or on pages for a certain genre / directory, for example: if you elected to display your BYL on Fiction books, then whenever any book indexed under Fiction Books is displayed your BYL ad will also be displayed on that page.

Boost Your Listing - Screen Shot

  • For more details and to Order, Please use the Contact Us form - Please use your name as featured on and the email address you used for submitting your work, please write Boost Your Listing in the subject field.

What are the Available Options and Fees?

The table below shows the current available options (spots) where your ad can be displayed and the fees to each option. 'Unavailable' spots are in use for a defined period, if you are only interested in these spots, please let us know, and we will inform you once these spots became available. Please note that we accept payment through PayPal only. All fees are in US Dollars.

Option / SpotOne MonthTwo WeeksOne WeekCurrent Status
Home Page352515Available
Learn from the Authors - Interviews25158Available
Genre Based BYL :
Fiction (including subgenres)302010Available
Non Fiction302010Available
Religion & Spirituality20105Available