A few years ago I decided to turn my dream in to reality and start writing. I immersed myself in my novels and a hobby became a full time passion. Not a job, but something that I thrive on. I am situated near Durban in South Africa. These days, I manage a guest house, and look after my elderly mum and her dog, Chloe. To add to that I have a wild cat. Who blessed us with five kittens. Life gets rather hectic at times, but there is always time to write. Welcome to my world!

Books by Bridgitte Lesley

Along Came Claire - Book cover

Living in a small town, Spencer and Claire were bound to bump in to one another. Their first meeting didn’t go off too well. But in more ways than one it served its purpose. She had her lock-up, and he had another rental. The chemistry seemed to sizzle and pop in the air. And they definitely took notice of each other! As scarce as she was, he knew she had to renew her rental agreement sooner or later. He would have to bide his time and wait.

Family Matters - Book cover

Ray couldn’t wait for his new housekeeper to arrive. But when she did, it was a whole different matter! Meryl was prepared to make the long trip to move from the busy bustling city to a ranch in the middle of nowhere. A total career change was not only welcome but something she needed. Life had thrown her a curve ball but she would bounce back. Ray didn’t think he would get a response from his advert he had placed in a magazine for a housekeeper.

Dreams Come True (book cover)

Without too much hesitation Amanda turned what could have been a very dull and boring show into an extravaganza. David didn’t realize, but that is exactly what would happen to his life. The extravaganza was about to begin. David had to thank Amanda for the way she had saved the children’s concert. Only that wasn’t his only intention. He knew nothing about her and had never met her before. The feelings and emotions that she had stirred up on first sight made David realize that love at first sight was real. It did exist.

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Time to Change (book cover)

Dodge wasn’t looking for love. It was the last thing on his mind. He had everything a man could want. He had his three sons and his daughter. They were his life. He had sold his business off and retired at the age of forty seven. What more could a man want? Until the day that he spotted Louise McBride. Even though she was a few years younger than him, Dodge felt the attraction. What did age matter? From the minute he laid his eyes on her things changed. Dodge suddenly felt alive.

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Amanda was the top Sales Representative in the company. If there was a competition she pushed the limits. If there were gift vouchers to be won, she would win them. Whatever the prize, it would be Amanda’s. But she had a problem. Huge! Every time she saw Shaun, her Sales Manager, her whole body took a tumble.

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Geraldine was so in love with Blake it was beyond frustrating. She had worked with him for five years and it was starting to wear her down. He didn’t see Geraldine. All he saw was a hardworking Personal Assistant who did everything for him. So often she had thought of leaving, but couldn’t.

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Sitting at the table at what could be a somber event, Duke was shaken to his core. He watched as a lively little youngster walked, or rather, danced in to the restaurant. Duke was looking at a carbon copy of himself. After so many years of waiting for Jody to return his wish had come true. With a bonus.

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Angus met Farrah in his time of need. Without thinking he asked her out on a date. It was so spontaneous it even took the wind out of his sails! And she said yes! It was a start. Their first date led to so much more. Angus realized that he had met his soul mate. He was head over heels in love with her. She became part of the family right from the start. But Angus kept getting things wrong.

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Wade rented his little house out to a woman who had called herself Lo Gunn. It was his first tenant ever. Little did he know that Lo Gunn was in fact Doctor Summer Logan. The girl of his dreams. He had fallen in love with her ten years ago but had broken off their relationship. He had told her that she was not his kind of girl. It had been a blatant lie. But he had been forced into the break up.

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