Carolyn King specializes in writing dating advice, hoping to educate the couples out there on the meaning of love and how they can overcome their relationship issues with the correct mindset. Having listened and dealt with different couples previously on the kind of relationship issues they experienced, she decided it would be beneficial for couples to have a framework to work out various problems that arise in a romantic relationship. For now, she has written books titled - "How To Heal A Broken Heart," "How To Know If He Is The Right Guy For You" and "Trust Issues - Build Everlasting Bonds Of Love With A 12 Day Strategy."

Books by Carolyn King

Trust Issues - Book cover

Is your relationship rolling downhill because of misunderstandings, feelings of distrust and insecurity? Are you and your partner constantly hurling accusations at each other and suffering because of your hurt feelings and inability to forgive each other? Is it getting harder for the two of you to have a heart to heart talk now that the pillar of trust has been broken? No worries. With this book, you will learn what trust entails ...

How To Know If He Is The Right Guy For You - Book cover

Love may occur most unexpectedly, in terms of time, place and affinity. For now, everything seems to be flowing smoothly and falling in place as it should since you have found yourself the man of your dreams. Yet, unwittingly, you find yourself wondering why he is starting to pull back though you have done nothing to warrant that reaction from him. At this very moment, instead of panicking, you should consider if he is indeed the right guy for you.