Charles Conway is an Internet safety consultant with Clear as Crystal Training based in Wrexham, and an associate member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).
Working with local authorities, National charities, schools, community groups and independent fostering agencies around the UK, Charles has helped many parents, carers, teachers and social workers to “bridge the gap” between what they know about the Internet and related technologies, and what the children in their care know.
Charles is also the editor of an online safety website called Scam Detectives ( which aims to educate Internet users about online scams and ripoffs.
Scam Detectives has twice been shortlisted for the prestigious Nominet Internet Award for “Making the Internet Safer” alongside such organisations as the BBC, E-Crime Wales, BeatBullying and The Vodafone Parents Guide.
Getting in Touch
If you’d like to discuss any aspect of Charles’ work, have any questions about anything you’ve read in this book or would like him to speak at an event, you can email him at or visit his website at

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