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Josh is your normal, everyday twelve year old. He goes to school. He hangs out with his friends. He plays video games and enjoys spending time with his friend Alex. Well, most of the time he does. Josh and Alex are always so competitive that a day of fun ends in raised voices and hurt feelings. One day they decide to settle the score of who is the best at video games. A trip to the new local game store will determine the ultimate winner. There they meet the Game Master and begin to play the ultimate game. The game is the hardest one they've ever played. It's all they can think about. But soon they start realizing things are not always as they seem. They are having the same dreams. Kids at school are acting differently. And it's not so easy to tell the difference between real life and the game. The pace of the story works well to develop the story line and characters without rushing. As a reader, you can relate with these characters and you really want them to succeed. Written for younger readers, this book is based in the U.K. and does contain a few instances of the word "damn" - but which is considered innocuous and is not intended as defamatory. There is no real violence or sexual situations. This funny and well written story keeps you reading until the end. Don't look too carefully or you may have realized you've learned something about yourself and others along the way. Although the story includes a morality tale, it does not detract from the story but enhances it. An excellent book for preteens about fun, life and relating to others. "it is much easier to be nice than not…" Entrada Book Reviews