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I just have to say that my husband and I went for a second time there just a couple of nights ago, and we got some amazing video! I mean amazing enough for everyone that's seen it to say "Whoaaaa.......ahhh man ; That's Freaky! But to me it looks like the whole family is still there and living like nothing ever happened. Father is there watching that no one comes near, and he moves very quickly. We heard a baby crying, a dog barking, and it looks like the Grim Reaper is standing watching over too. Now after this night I've watched them over and over. We did not get best video but that's because we didn't really expect to see anyone, let alone what we did! One my eldest sons says one of the videos looks fake, but it is not! I did it on my cell phone camera. It hadn't been a plan to go there, we just decided to go look since it is like 2 blocks from where we played that night. I have only learned of the Martin House recently, it is the only place that ever scared me. Scares me as I Swype this note. I'd love to share my video if I can.