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I have seen the inside of the house. I have been upstairs. The doors were kept locked because there is something no one can explain and it is better to leave the unknown alone. I was helping clean up after a function and when I heard something upstairs I went to investigate. As I stepped on the first stair the temperature dropped dramatically. I looked up to the top of the staircase and there was a woman in a white lace type dress standing there. She was transparent to a point. Her dress was long and flowing as if it were breezy in the house. She looked straight at me and put her finger over her mouth insinuating that I needed to be quiet. In that instant the door slammed and she was pulled backwards into one of the rooms. I heard a moan that haunts me to this day. I backed up, dropped the box in my hands and ran out of that house. When I got to my car I called my boss to tell him I was unable to finish cleaning because of an emergency and the reason I didn't speak of my experience was because I knew he wouldn't believe me. Now, I know what most people think and that is that nothing happened there because there are no records but I believe what I saw was the spirit of the woman that was killed there. She looked scared and I know she was trying to warn me. That is a true story and if I wouldn't have been there I would doubt me too. BUT I WAS THERE. I will never step foot on that property again. NEVER