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I was born and raised here, my granny was the baby daughter of James Lafayette Mashburn. Our family came here when 231 was a two rut dirt road on a wagon. They owned a dairy farm on both sides of 231 in Hiland Park spanning from Selma to Baldwin at 231 and aross the RR tracks to Lafayette named after my great grampa. I know what happen there and I know it is true because it was a story my granny told me that never changed. The owner that built the home for his wife owned many servants and that's saying it nicely, he traveled granny said back and forth from Marianna a lot an back then it was more than a 1 hour ride by horse n buggy. His servants not only lived on the property but also came over by an old fairy because Parker then was basically surrounded by water Redfish Point also where tyndal field airforce base is. His wife became too close to a young servant man and because at the time it was a disgrace , he hang him from the big oak tree by thewater that can be seen from all three water ways for all that came through on these fairys or boats with servants as a lesson. His beautiful wife had to watch, Mr.Martin hamed by this knowing the whole town knew went home and murdered his wife hung her in the same tree and then his children followed by himself. Yes that's many souls that are lost and have some unfinished business, I've been there before the paper mill ownwd it nonbelievers take yourself by boat or kyak from the little bridge just crossing in to Parker and go on up there hang out, Video it 16hours or more. Yea go do that and why your at it mock ol John Boy Massalinas