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I myself wrote the book and for that reason alone (no information available) I created a story that was compiled of the interviews and information I acquired. It is definitely fiction but it is due to the fact that no information is available. I mean who built the house? Who lived there? It surely wasn't built just for company functions. And the biggest question is why wouldn't they let me rent it for my book signing and then rent it the next week for a wedding? When there is a secret or hidden agenda regarding something considered to be an icon within the community of course people are going to talk. I believe something happened. What exactly is the question. How can so many people be wrong? One being my mother and grandparents. Too much to be a coincident. I hope when it is re-released in December to bring more attention to it and get the story out. Sandy Creek is the Prequel but a story in itself. Too many things being hidden. Thank you for your interest and the comment to bring up something I myself have asked but looked partial on my books behalf.