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Comments from people on a YouTube video who have lived here their entire lives or work around it: I work at the mill. This house is not haunted. No murders were ever committed here and no family named Martin ever lived there. It was originally the home for the manager of the saw mill. When the paper mill was built they bought the home to use for company functions. I have been there many times and it is rather uneventful. The Martin name is not because of a family. It is named that because of Martin Lake. It is currently being remodeled by RockTenn. The only thing that creeps there is an occasion rat. This morning when I drove by I noticed there are plenty of private property signs. As an employee I can't even go there without permission. No hauntingly there just boring meetings. You guys can all grow up now and stop spreading fiction to everyone. This is the history I've known and I'm very sure I have quite a few years on all of you. Just because you make up things about your family and what was there doesn't make it true. You guys are perhaps some of the most ignorant people, you'll just believe what people say because they say it.