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First of all these comments are all opinions. No one is being ignorant except perhaps the one calling others names. Each of the comments are personal and only describe their experiences or stories they have heard. Some of the family members are deceased any you sir are a total disrespectful person for saying the things you have about those family members. No harm no foul is a rule to live by. Its great that you "have quite a few years" on some of these people but I doubt you are over 69. I am. And to tell them to stop spreading fiction? This is still a free country and they have a right to free speech. I mean unless that too has changed. There is nothing being said that is derogatory about the mill or its people and that is what counts. Now, If you can prove that these things DIDN'T happen that would be great and please feel free, but for you to call them ignorant, that is a sign of disrespect. They are simply having a conversation amongst themselves and sharing "rumors" or "stories" they have heard and the last time I checked that was their god given right. - Good day sir!