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My Apologies to the writer Trina Ward, as my original comments about the house had nothing to do with her writing ability or calling into question her honesty. I truly wish her success in her work. Many people do think the house is haunted, probably many she interviewed believe so. The intent of my response was simply to shed truth to the reality of what I know of the place, which is to say, my knowledge is extensive. I have been in the house countless times at all hours day and night, from the grounds to the first floor, the second floor and the attic and can simply tell you that there is nothing "unnatural" about the place. It is merely an old house, used for meetings and parties. The upstairs is indeed locked, simply because it has not been remodeled as the lower floor has been. A funny fact is that a CPR Dummy has been propped up on a chair in front of a window on the second floor. Twisted humor I suppose. At any rate, you cannot rent the house I believe without a rather substantial insurance policy, thus the Mill will not incur the expense of damage or injury of any particular function. However the Mill does use it, such as for parties, like the Family Day it hosted last month for its employees. The House has security patrols nightly, wherein the security personnel physically enter the house several times throughout the entire night, every night. If an eye witness accounting is desired, all one would have to do is wait outside the gate for any of these officers to come by to check the house and I am sure any of them too would affirm that there is nothing spooky going on inside. Will they let you in to see it first hand? No. There is a liability issue for the Mill, thus this would not be allowed.