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First, let me start by saying if you do not believe in the supernatural they will not be open to you or showing themselves to someone who is going to dismiss their existence. These spirits aren't ghosts. I know. I took photos for research and when I left something came with me. A shadow person perhaps. It was in my apartment as I was writing this book. My cat, my dog and myself all saw this shape of a large person pass across all of my walls and into the spare room. I tried to debunk it. I TRIED! there was absolutely no logical or rational explanation. I came home from work several times to all of my cabinets open and lights on. Now, I know what everyone is thinking. It was not my exaggeration. I called the police after arriving to all of my doors were left open. I dead bolted them, still I pressed on. I know what the spirits were doing but you see I wasn't writing it for me. I was doing it for my dying mother. I promised I would tell her story and get my book published. Unfortunately it was not until after she died that I was successful with my promise. You went in the house, GREAT. You experienced nothing, understandable. But will we ever believe that house is normal? NO I will never and I am positive there are thousands of others who would agree with me. Perhaps when you are more open with the possibility of the paranormal presence being a possibility, they will show themselves to you as well. Until then, you will not see, hear or speak with any of the spirits that I think and believe are present at the house with no address. built in 1910 as the sign says but there are records showing that too is a lie. I have my story. I shared it and I hope everyone enjoys the way I put all the interviews together. Some things will never be public. Not even the truth about why they still rent it for weddings etc. But deny me when I told them money wasn't an option.