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If the person calling themselves "mythbuster" could come to the front of the line I would like to respond in my defense. Firstly I would like to say if they could read they would see it is classified as a fiction read. Plain and Simple. I used true stories in which I was told. Secondly I would like to add that I have used interviews of which consisted of many respectable people. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are liars. I believe they were truthful. Thirdly I would also like to add that I, as does everyone am entitled to an opinion. You are entitled to yours. You are only 1 individual, 1vote and 1 voice. Thanks for your input but I believe you are outnumbered as far as who thinks something might have happened in that house. One of which was DECEASED MY MOTHER. Shall you call her a liar? Probably not a good idea. If you want to get into a debate on this subject I will not turn you down but you should know I have people who are dead set on the fact that they saw something within the house and the grounds on which it sits. I am here to defend those who spoke to me with the expectation of being taken seriously and not be ridiculed for their story. Once again thank you for your OPINION. OH and SANDY CREEK is only a hot minute away from the presses. Have a great day! Trina M. Ward