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There was an internet website that stated a man confessed to killing "A person" in the house. When the house was remodeled a piece of wood was removed from the upstairs window seal and it was written on the back of the wood. I tried many, many times to bookmark the site and when I went back the page was not found and it could not be displayed. This was sent to me by someone in Tennessee. I am not the only one who has had pages mysteriously disappear. I have never said the story in my book was a nonfiction read but I used every interview in the book. What I found while investigating is that every story was similar with what they saw or encountered. Like I have said before My late mother was the first to tell me of something she saw in the house and I believe her. She told me approximately 3 years ago and I am now 41 so it wasn't like she was just telling me a ghost story. I don't expect everyone to be a believer and that is ok. I accept adversity and it is a right for everyone to have their opinions. I have only used what I have been told and experienced in the book. I wish I could be allowed access to the house but the mill won't let me in nor rent it. I can't give you the proof you need to believe it. It is something you have to experience for yourself. I hope this helps to let you understand why I wrote my book. I promised my mom I would do it and I didn't lie to her. She has made me the trustworthy and strongwilled person I am today. Thank you for your inquiry and If I find the rock solid proof you are requesting I will post it here. Thanks again. Trina M. Ward