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Ok, here is what happen around June 1988, I was with 2 friends that were driving around trying to find something to do. It was a hot summer, when one of us had the idea to go to the Martin House to see what the real deal was. Well we jumped the fence, ran as fast as we could to the house. When we reached the house all the doors were locked. But, as we walked around the house, thinking everything was OK!!!!!, OMG we saw someone coming form the house at us chasing us towards the lake. Now I'm not saying it was a real person, I'm saying we ran down towards the lake and then as we looked back it was gone. Now, I know what you are thinking, we were on drugs or drunk, well it was the 80's and yes we were drinking, but when 3 people see the same thing at the same time, well you do your owe assumption. I'm only giving you the account of what I saw at the time. Now on that same note, do you know how the Martin Lake was formed? Look into that, because I have read somewhere that the lake was dug by the hands of slaves, I do not have proof of this!! At one time my mother worked for a company that owed the property before the Paper Mill owed it. In some of the old documents that were hand written and not typed, there were several notations of slaves digging a large portion of the lake. I can not verify this, but if you ask me YES the place is HAUNTED!!!!! I've seen it for myself!!