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I have been in the house countless times and it is NOT haunted. I was there over the weekend and even went upstairs (the mill is in the process of renovating the upstairs). There was NEVER a family named Martin that lived in the house and no one was ever killed there. It was built around 1905 and was the home of the original mill manager (the saw mill, not the paper mill). International Paper acquired the property around 1930-31. The house has been used for mill functions and retirement parties ever since. I work at the mill and have access to the house and the only scary thing I have experienced there is trying to stay awake during a boring meeting. I have also been in the house alone when I gave my daughters a tour and they were not the least bit scared. I would not advise going there on Halloween night or the only thing that will scare you is a Bay County Deputy (and the one who was there last weekend was a K-9 unit). The guards employeed by the mill think the ghost stories are hilarious because they check the house several times a night and have never seen anything other than kids creeping around that they have to run off.