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The "writer" uses unpunctuacted run-on sentences, defending a fairytale. The fictitious murder story has been passed down for a countless number of years. I have no doubt it started with one child trying to scare others. It's simply an old house. There are no facts to support the ghost story. Just because someone bases their opinion upon actual fact-checking, doesn't mean they don't believe in paranormal activity. I hope you had a ghostwriter (pun intended), because I could barely make out the points you were trying to make across here. I can't imagine trying to read an entire book of fictional "nonfiction", crapped out by someone who can't even write a legible paragraph. Thank you for this entertainment. I have no doubt that hillbillies do believe that unfounded, disappearing websites equate to truth. My son and I dropped our jaws trying to read this madness. I wouldn't drop a dime to see a book full illegible drivel.