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I have personally seen and experienced things at this house I can not explain. I wont even begin to share my experiences here because frankly, if I hadnt expereienced it myself I wouldnt even believe it. The bottom line is this. Ive never been able to confirm that a murder happened at the Martin House but you can easily confirm that a satanic cult was evicted from the house while it sat abandoned by the police in the late 80's or early 90's. I remember reading it an article in the News Herald about it many years ago. If you ever get the opportunity to go in the upstairs of this house, which is not open to the public, the evidence of the cults presence is still evident everywhere. My freshman year of college I worked at a local TV station and was shown video from a news story that was taped there. The segment never aired due to what occured on the tape. I will never forget the things I saw on that tape, nor my personal experiences there. Whatever is in that house is not kind and does not mean well.