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Look i dont care what people say or not i grew uo next to the place my grandmother oened the old post office directly across the street from the mill ok and my grandfather turned it unto a house i eas born in 1970 been here all my life ok my mom was raided there as we all were. The house us haunted for sure no doubt as to the story people dont or didnt day alot about it so who knows the real truth all i remember is my grandmother saying evil lived there. And as far as the uostairs yes it is blocked off so noone can go up there. I guess that was Rock Tenns pathetic way of maybe keeping it locked away or anyone trying to go back in but im here to tell u the story u do here usnt the only horrors there it was used by my generation of kids for satanic activities and alot if bad things happen there trust me. Ive grown up here all my life between the house of grannys and our house on lake drive by parker school we swam in msrtin lake walked all that property from one side to the other and stuff even happens offf that property. My grandmother has woke up to noise of so eone beating on her back door hearing a eoman screaming. And my grandmother said she was being drug by her hair thru the yard but by time she got the gun n went back they were gone.. So say what u want believe or dont believe theirare many other places here not just the martin house that are haunted . it is what it is