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The cover of author Donnette Smith’s Cunja screams for a prospective reader to look inside. If they make a wise decision to buy the book, they will glad they did. Cunja grabs the reader in the first few paragraphs, and like the teeth of a ravenous lion does not let go until the end. An evolving romance between the protagonist and the heroine is wrought with complications as each character struggles with their love for one another against what they want to accomplish. Mrs. Smith presents subplots with expert timing, allowing the reader a chance to catch their breath while the main plot unfolds to reveal a very creative approach to writing in multiple genres. Cunja is a mystery, suspense, and romance with an element of time travel delivering characters that come to life with strong plotting to provide a unique and entertaining read with a surprise ending that does a wonderful job of resolving the main plot with subplots. Mrs. Smith has delivered with Cunja and is an author to be reckoned with. We will hear from her again.