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I loved the interview and learning more about Mary and her works. I actually found her on an Indies Unlimited site and when I followed the links, I discovered she lives in Scotland; she was interviewed on a Podcast by a colleague of mine who lives in Ontario, Canada. It is wonderful the way our talents cross so many real and virtual borders. I agree with Mary's observation, "I think it is a huge turn off when writers keep shouting ‘buy my book’ on social media sites." The reason I agree: The vast majority of the buying and reading public do not frequent those social media sites. It's is just one author hyping a book to another, neither of whom is going to buy the other's book. There is only one way to sell books in volume--and that is to promote a title on sites that have subscribers. Word of mouth sells one book at a time and word of mouth is not to be discounted. It's an author's best friend. Anyway: Great interview. Jackie Weger, Author, The House on Persimmon Road.

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