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September 14, 2013

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Book Image Did Not Load!Charley is 'forty something', a partner in a creative design company on an upward spiral of success.  Workload is heavy and stressful; she suffers a heart attack in her office and dies.  Then, from above she sees herself lying prone and still.
From this moment in the story, readers are taken through an emotional roller coaster ride inside Charley's mind.  Her past is dominated by the memories of the terrible loss of her two-year-old daughter, whose mind and essence 'died' some fifteen years earlier, leaving only a withering shell.  Charley's overwhelming feelings of guilt are explored in a unique way.
To cope with the latest trauma, Charley finds herself in the mysterious but utterly fascinating world of Avalon where she comes face to face with her long lost 'dead' daughter (her essence).  The wonder and tenderness of this miracle are created in locations of Avalon leading the reader into a close relationship with both parties.
It is after she rises into the Orb of Caprice, however, that she encounters a series of unbelievable characters, talking flowers, goblins and even sensitive, articulate door knockers!  But it is within Puzzle Woods that her real test begins.
Gone is a story inspired by a true event.


This is my read for the
This is my read for the weekend. So far it's really good. Powerful. Can't wait to see what journey awaits Charley in Avalon.
Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy it to the end.
Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell
This book is quite amazing. The author used her own tragic loss of a daughter to create a very special story. Knowing this raises the novel to more than an adult fairy story; it becomes a delightful, inspiring and hopeful read.
Thank you very much!
A great novel
I do love a story that has been written straight from the heart. All books should be written this way. This is a great book.
Thanks very much. :)
What an interesting book!
Thank you!!!
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