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Heads & Tales

by Karina Kantas  GR Greece

July 22, 2013   |    867 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!Heads and tales is a collection of short and flash fiction from the genres, horror, sci fi, romance, thriller and comedy.
This collection also includes my award winning short horror story Crossed.
Heads & Tales will delight, fright and leave you questioning your sanity.

About The Author

Karina Kantas is the author of exciting biker fiction. Thrillers involving MC's, motorcycle clubs. She also writes short stories and when her imagination is working over time, thought provoking, dark flash fiction.
Karina writes in the genres of fantasy, romance, sci-fi, horror, and thrillers, just to name a few.
You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, where she loves hanging out with her readers.
Titles to date:
In Times of Violence, YA thriller/romance
Heads... more

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