Interview with Author Trina M. Ward

October 11, 2012
Trina M. Ward, author and novelist from United States. In this brief interview Trina M. Ward Shares her own personal experiences and insights about promoting her books. Trina is the author of The Martin House and Sandy Creek.
What is your talent?
Writing books that interest the readers and putting the story in a simple but not too basic format.
What were the difficulties you faced in promoting your talent?
I didn't select a reputable publisher and not taking the time to research them. I recently signed with a different publisher that thinks I could make it big.
What are the main methods and approaches you follow to spread the word about your works?
As many free outlets as possible. I sent flyers to the newspapers and radio stations as well as contacted the local news channels. I had a book signing at the local library.
Do you have a certain routine you follow?
I do my best writing when I can't sleep and after I have seen a movie that sparks my curiosity.
To what extent you feel you were successful?
I have made my late parents proud and i know that. That is all I wanted.
What are your recommendations for people who share the same talent with you?
Don't give up and write about the things you want to know more about. If you aren't interested then more likely your readers won't be either. For me I chose locations in my hometown that had mysterious stories or happenings that were unexplained.
Any final words regarding promotion for talents?
I will not give up on becoming a success to the highest level. would like to thank Trina M. Ward for taking the time to share with us these valuable information, insights and experiences in promoting her writings.
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