J. W. Barlament is a full-time student, part-time author and reluctant burger flipper living in the United States. He is also an avid writer of articles about a wide variety of intellectual topics, all of which can be found on his website. He is currently starting his work on a third book and is continuing his efforts to educate the world on little-known perspectives and problems.

Books by Jared Barlament

The Agony of an Age - Book cover

From J. W. Barlament, author of The Plight of a People, comes an intricate tale of power, warfare and torment. Continuing the saga set up by its predecessor, it presents three more riveting stories of uninhibited hardship. In Part I, the immortal philosopher Rahdain is thrust into a life of turmoil as he attempts to prevent a cataclysmic war. In Part II, the struggling king Hallmund faces down rebels, zealots, invaders, and inner demons alike in a maelstrom of misery.

The Plight of a People - Book cover

The Plight of a People is an epic of one people's continued journey to survive in an ancient world lush with catastrophe. It is split into three individual stories, each separated by countless generations and connected by the culture, struggles and themes they all share. In Part I, the story follows disgraced military officer Solinus as he attempts to once again be the man he once was and single-handedly defend his people from annihilation from a hostile group of religious zealots.