John Coon is an author and sports journalist based in Utah. John graduated from the University of Utah in 2004 and has worked as a journalist since that time. His byline has appeared in many publications worldwide. John published his debut novel, Pandora Reborn, in 2018 and released his second novel, Under a Fallen Sun, in 2019. When he isn't writing, John is usually hiking a new mountain trail somewhere.

Books by John Coon

Under a Fallen Sun - Book cover

Paige is on a desperate quest to find her missing brother Todd. She has convinced her boyfriend Jason and their friends Heather and Rich to undertake a road trip from Louisiana to Las Vegas along the same route where her brother vanished nearly a month earlier. A broken down car forces them to seek help in Travis, an isolated West Texas town seemingly deserted from all outside appearances. But this is no ordinary ghost town.