Have you ever thought this after reading a romance book?

• The only tears I want to fall after reading a story are tears of joy.

• I like books that aren’t too predictable and with strong character development.

• The whole novel had a good pace and was professionally written. Really satisfying.

If so, I’m Kate Harriet, full-time author and I write uplifting, cosy reads for fans of chicklit- with warm, loveable characters and a heroine you’ll want to root for.

As a fiction ghostwriter I have spent years writing for the kind of reader who loves a relaxing read, set in picturesque and idyllic settings with just a splash of romance thrown in.

If that’s you then click today to start reading fun, feel-good books, novels and short stories that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Books by Kate Harriet

A Christmas Encounter - Book cover

It’s approaching Christmas and you’re looking for a sweet short story to snuggle up with on a cosy sofa with a mug of warm chocolate. Or even on a long train ride home this season… A Christmas Encounter is the perfect heartwarming short read for the festive holiday. It’s Christmas Eve and head librarian Melissa Wright is travelling on the Shepherds Valley railway’s Santa’s Special, to reconcile with her on-and-off again ex Alex.