LA ‘Lolita Abad’ Abonitalla had dispensed lots of grey matter writing PR materials and other non-fiction content to promote the welfare of Filipino workers as a communications specialist in the Philippine government but left some for her other passion - writing fiction. Things got a little bit boring and, so, yeah, she switched to fiction writing.

She had her masters in Communications Studies at the Auckland University of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. She had also ruminated over eastern philosophies as a student of oriental religions and cultures at Asia’s oldest university, the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. Until now, she is a student as a child of God hankering to become an earth’s inheritor and getting an invite to God’s eternal banquet.

Books by LA Abonitalla

A Story on Heaven and Earth - Book cover

Wondering what you will do in eternity? Check this book, A Story on Heaven on Earth: Why We Could See God and Then Go Shopping. It’s a short read religious fiction dashed with a bit of humor and fantasy showing that the good we do today is carried over to eternity. Want to know how you could showcase your dance moves, writing, technical and other skills at God’s grand ball that never ends? Join Banso and At Least, a half human and a half angel, who’s looking for a cure of his abomination so that he could get an invite to the party in heaven.