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Leo Jai


LEO JAI is a passionate advocate for the protection of human and non-human rights. His love of the oceans saw him take up the cause of raising awareness for marine conservation issues and the protection of fragile ecosystems and endangered marine species.

Leo has spoken publically at conservation events and given radio interviews in the UK and Australia.
An advocate for social justice, he writes regularly for the Australian Independent Media network.

He is also an unashamed nerd and if asked to de-fuse an unexploded bomb, he would cut the blue wire.

Leo suggests that there is a harmonious simplicity to life that we desperately need to re-connect with. Through his written work he challenges us to see the wonder around us with fresh eyes.

Books by Leo Jai

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Meet Adam Svenson – a young man who has just been sentenced to prison. Through his reminiscences we learn that his love for the oceans has taken him from life as a rookie deckhand on a fishing trawler to crew member on an ominous black whale-chaser; trapping elusive pods of orcas in the waters off Washington state. A parallel tale of two young orcas, Persia and Tristesse, follows their journey from capture to a life in captivity at a California marine park venture called Waterworld.

Fiction > Fantasy